The Most Profitable Real Estate Investment in the World: “It Doesn’t Have Any Walls And Is Driven By Our Voracious Appetite For Technology”

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There’s an explosive NEW real estate in town. It doesn’t have any walls, and it’s driven by our voracious appetite for technology and connectivity. But the biggest opportunity is a highly profitable $75.6-billion niche segment few investors know about.

When the wireless revolution first swept across the U.S., most investors were skeptics, thinking cell phones were for the already-rich, or for drug dealers. But those that saw this opportunity for what it was—and what we see now—made billions. And they are still making billions today.

Ronald Reagan dished out public domains to private upstarts like candy in the 1980s—via lotteries–and then they were re-sold to telecoms giants, such as AT&T.

Mark Warner of Colombia Capital, dubbed ‘The Man with the Golden iPhone‘, made $150 million on these lotteries, and he was just getting started. He wasn’t wealthy, and he wasn’t a drug dealer—he simply saw the coming revolution. Then he became a U.S. Senator.

Likewise, Steve Case—Washington’s new ‘tech whisperer‘—made his fortune when he founded AOL. He’s worth $1.39 billion today.

But that was the beginning of the wireless revolution. Now the quickest and purest way to profit in this industry is in a niche segment that you might have been taking for granted.

Three companies in this most profitable niche have seen crazy 10-year returns for early-in investors.

  • Crown Castle International Corp. (NYSE:CCI): CCI rose from about $2.00 to its current price of $101… handing investors a 4,950 percent return.
  • American Tower Corp. (NYSE:AMT): AMT rose from about $1.50 to its current price of $131… handing investors an 8,633 percent return.
  • SBA Communications (NASDAQ:SBAC): SBAC rose from about 30 cents to its current price of $134… handing investors a 44,566 percent return.

American Tower Corp (AMT) 10-Year Returns

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