The NSA Spied On Obama;They Had No Choice?

By Rick Wells

404 tap

Judge Andrew Napolitano raises some very interesting points regarding the NSA spying programs, particularly those which involve spying on foreign leaders.

Obama said he didn’t know about the programs. That is a ridiculous argument, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume that this micro-managing control freak didn’t know what “his” spy agencies were doing.

With those spy programs in operation, when Hussein Obama is talking to a world leader with a tapped phone, which is pretty much every world leader, both sides of the conversation are recorded. That means that the American president is also being spied upon by America’s spy agencies. Judge Napolitano says that is probably illegal.

Let’s take a look at the reverse, the much more credible version of the narrative, that B. Hussein Obama is lying about knowing of the NSA surveillance. He is then sharing his high level conversations with his counterparts with unknown persons within the spy agency who may not be privy to it.

Judge Napolitano says that if Hussein Obama knows of the spy programs and divulges any critical information in his conversations, he has committed as crime. If he doesn’t know, then we have a rogue spy system which is dangerously out of control. Neither scenario is a positive one for the country.

The three most often-spoken words of this president seem to be “I didn’t know.” How many scandals and administrative blunders does it take before the Teflon cracks and we see some movement on impeachment? Shouldn’t our representatives at least be discussing it by now?

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