The Sunday Survival Buzz Volume 112

By Gaye Levy

The Sunday Survival Buzz Volume 112   Backdoor Survival

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Survival Buzz – a roundup of preparedness news, tips, articles and recommendations from around the web. But first, an update on my own preps.

Something I learned a long time ago is that when it comes to plans, things do not always work out the way your want them to. Yesterday I was looking forward to going to a local, hands-on class on canning. Long story short, stuff happened and I could not go. Such it is with prepping and perhaps even so much more so this time of year when there are taxes and garden chores to attend to.

So what did I do to prep this week? In the garden I began to section off my new square foot garden plot using materials I scrounged from the junk pile. They are actually broken fence posts. I also set my seedlings outside during the day to begin the hardening process. I hope to get my baby cucumbers and lettuce plants into the ground this week.

I am very excited to begin using my new cast iron Dutch oven. This one doesn’t have legs like my “Camp Stove” Dutch oven which should is perfect for outdoors over an open fire but not so handy in a conventional over.

Other purchases this week included more AA batteries and another one of those Mini-Cree flashlights for $3.50.

In terms of the website, last Sunday I migrated to a new hosting company and had zero downtime. It took a few days for all of the email to get redirected but the good news is that Backdoor Survival now appears to load 3x faster than before. A hat tip to my new hosting company, A2Hosting!

That’s it for me. Let’s get on to the Sunday Survival Buzz.


Savings Showdown: Retirement For You Versus College For Kids: Many of my peers have cannibalized their retirement funds to pay for their kids college educations. I have news for you: that is a bad idea. Not only that, a college education comes with no guarantees these days.

Tamiflu: Millions wasted on flu drug, claims major report: Big pharma does not like this.

Will We Demand the Inexpensive Fix Which Will Prevent Armageddon … Or Stay Distracted By Over-Blown Dangers and Ignore The Thing Most Likely To Actually Get Us?: A well-known physicist and other members of the American Physical Society asked Congress to appropriate $100 million to harden the country’s electrical grid against solar flares. They refused. From the Angst Department here at BDS.

The Rise of the Political Ultra-Rich: And even more Angst.

Heartbleed: don’t rush to update passwords, security experts warn: Personally, I am taking a conservative approach and only changing passwords as I go a website to do my business. We have not heard the last of this.

6 Ways to Make Natural Rooting Hormone: Wow! Even I was surprised by these. I used commercial rooting hormone on rosemary cuttings last year and they died. I am anxious to give one of these methods a try.

12 Ways To Get To Know Your Neighbor: Here are some awesome ideas for getting to know your neighbors in a “hi, how are you?” type of way.

County weighed buying up homes in mudslide area: A decade before a colossal landslide buried a Washington community, county officials considered buying up people’s homes there to protect them from such a disaster. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? As always, examine the disaster risks in your area so you know what to prepare for. In this case, the directive would have been to MOVE.

Forget Doom and Gloom: Preparedness is the Ultimate Act of Optimism: From my Prepared Blogger’s colleague, Daisy Luther.

Owning a Family Milk Cow: Your Questions Answered!: Common questions about milk cows. A fun and interesting read even if you have not considered owning a daily cow.


Remember the comment about mice making a home in the TP? This came in from Ms. Jimmie:

As I read the posts I came across the statement of the “mice in the toilet paper.” I may have a solution for that. When I lived in your area (Crescent Beach out of Port Angeles) our motor home engine area, underneath basement area were inundated with field mice.

Our neighbor suggested we use Bounce original scent fabric softener sheets, tucking them in spots where rodents may get in. We did this and were never bothered again. Then we had our furniture in outdoor storage (not climate controlled) for 18 months, and tucked the sheets everywhere, including our huge Flexsteel sofa. When we opened it up after traveling for that length of time, there were no indications of any unwanted critters! We only had a few cobwebs in the ceiling area, which didn’t interfere with our stored items.

I now use them in the storage unit in our back yard. You may want to let people know that Bounce (original scent) sheets must have some type of chemical that rats, mice and other unwanted critters do not like! Hugs, and thanks again for all the helpful hints.


Last week, I forgot to announce the winner of the New Artisan Bread In Five book. Silly me. Anyway, I was excited to once again see that a BDS regular, Vicki, won a copy of this fabulous book on baking bread the easy way. Here is here winning entry, chosen at random:

Question: What three items will you miss the most in a post-SHTF kitchen?

Answer: Hot running water – Chocolate – Chocolate – Chocolate

I can’t say I disagree with her answers although my refrigerator would be right up there near the top of the list.

I am also thrilled to announce that all 10 winners of Through Many Fires: Strengthen What Remains by Kyle Pratt have been notified by email. There were 67 entries and 10 winners – not bad odds. The giveaway question was:

What event or series events spurred you to begin prepping or to begin showing an interest in family preparedness?

There were so many great answers that instead of posting them today, I will compile them in a separate article, okay?


These giveaways are still active so if you have not entered yet, be sure to do so:

Free Food Friday: Meat and Pasta from the Survival Pantry + Giveaway
Spring 2014 Book Festival: Simply Canning + Interview with Sharon Peterson


I have a bonus giveaway for you today as well. Okay, I am really just checking to see if you are paying attention.

Ron Brown, the author of The Amazing 2000-Hour Flashlight, has just released the print version of Book 1 of his Non-Electric Lighting Series: CANDLES.

Today I am going to give away a personally autographed copy to one Backdoor Survival reader. At 99 cents, the eBook is so worth it. But the print book, oh my, you are going to want it! I wrote the Foreword so there is a little bit of me in this book too.

How to enter? Easy. Go to the comments area below and tell me what you did or did not do to prep this week. Told you that was easy. The winner will be selected at random on Tuesday night so be sure to enter before 6PM PDT on Tuesday.


In response to the article, 60 Emergency Supplies You Can Buy for a Buck, a number of readers reminded me that good deals and even some free stuff is available at Harbor Freight. Even if you don’t live close to a storefront (I don’t), their fixed shipping rate ($6.99 regardless of the size of the order) makes it easy to have your goodies delivered.

Here are some coupons for you: SAVE 20% OFF One Item at Harbor Freight Tools! Use Code: 76157505


I usually use Sunday’s “The Final Word” to impart a Gaye-ism or two – otherwise known as a pep-talk. This week I am out of words and so I will turn it over to you as you enter the giveaway for for a copy of CANDLES and tell me what you did to prep this week.

Until next time, remember to make every day a prep day!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Almost Free: Vktech Metal Match Lighter & Keychain (5 pieces): Many BDS News Flash subscribers have ordered the EverStryke Permanent Match through the promotion I sent out a couple of weeks ago. Here is something similar on Amazon. Seems like a good deal for 5 for under $5.00. I will let you know how they compare once they arrive.

Bargain Bin: Here are the items mentioned today. Seems to me I need to look for some new bargains, don’t you think?

Book 1: Candles (The Non-Electric Lighting Series): The Kindle version is only 99 cents. It is so worth it! Did you notice my name on the cover? Also, did you know that The Amazing 2000-Hour Flashlight is also available in print format?

FordEx Group 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Light Lamp: Here we go again. I just ordered another one of this at today’s price of $3.51 with free shipping. It is super mini sized, bright and waterproof. Plus, it uses standard AA sized batteries.

Eneloop AA 1800 cycle, Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries, 8 Pack: Speaking of batteries, these are the batteries I ordered. The Eneloops are the best and even though I do recharge my alkaline batteries, these are for longer lasting, don’t leak, and simply work. Yes, they are worth the investment.

Lodge L8DD3 Double Dutch Oven and Casserole with Skillet Cover, 5-Quart: This is my new Dutch Oven. Please, if the price is over $35 or $40, wait. There is some volatility and patience will save you $10 or more. If it comes up in the $35 range (or even less) it is a good deal. I will try to monitor the price and let you know when it hits bargain bin status.

Lodge Dutch Oven/Camp Stove: I originally purchased this Dutch oven because it was so darn cute. But over time, I have learned to love it for its versatility. Remember, a camp stove is designed so that you can bake with it by arranging charcoal on top of the lid as well as underneath the Dutch
Oven itself. I have the 4 quart version.

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Combo Cooker: Not a Dutch Oven but here is another cool piece of cast iron.


Shop the Emergency Essentials Monthly Specials: The monthly specials at Emergency Essentials feature discounts of up to 35% off sometimes a bit more. This month is no exception with a couple of my favorites on sale.

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The Sunday Survival Buzz Volume 112   Backdoor Survival

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The Sunday Survival Buzz Volume 112   Backdoor Survival

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