The Trace’s Data Undermines Their Own Assertions On Gun Accidents

By Tom Knighton

The Trace is a non-profit anti-gun propaganda organization masquerading as a “newsroom.” They seem to believe that guns are bad, but they can convince people of that if they just throw enough indoctrination at them.

Their latest effort is to talk about how dangerous guns are due to incompetence by talking about how many people have been accidentally shot so far this year.

So far this year, 71 people have been unintentionally shot at businesses across the United States, according to an analysis of Gun Violence Archive data. The locations include hotels, grocery stores, gas stations, theaters, and fast-food restaurants where Americans conduct their daily affairs. The total works out to about one person every four days. Seven of the shootings proved deadly.

Some of the victims were business owners or employees who accidentally discharged their weapons at work, hitting themselves or co-workers. Others were patrons utilizing state laws that allow gun owners to carry concealed guns outside their homes after undergoing training and securing a permit. (In the dozen states that now have so-called permitless carry laws, licenses are not required.)

Through the first nine months of 2017, an additional 28 people have been shot — one fatally — at businesses where the presence of guns would be expected, most often gun ranges. One of those shootings occurred at a range at the National Rifle Association’s Virginia headquarters; another was at the gunmaker Sig Sauer’s New Hampshire training academy.

To be sure, those accidents are a problem and simply should never happen.

However, while The Trace is crying about 99 people being shot by accident while out and about, they’re missing a key part of the conversation. They’re forgetting just how many guns are out there.

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