‘This is Hollywood. This is L.A. This is bad’



A dangerous new wildfire erupted in Los Angeles on Wednesday, threatening the pricey Bel Air neighborhood, but it was just one of multiple brush blazes that have scorched the region this week, chasing people from their homes, destroying structures and lighting up the nighttime sky like a Hollywood stage.

According to the Associated Press, the newest raging inferno erupted on the slopes of Sepulveda Pass, where Interstate 405 carries traffic past expensive homes, some of which already were ablaze.

That fire, called the Skirball, for Skirball Center Drive, was threatening several cultural centers, including the Getty Museum.

A state of emergency was declared by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who had made the same declaration just 24 hours earlier for the Creek Fire near Sylmar.

UCLA officials said they were operating on generators because the grid had failed there, and local schools were closed down.

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Maurice Kaboud, whose multimillion dollar home already was in the reach of raging fires, said, “God willing, this will slow down so the firefighters can do their job.”

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh, whose business interests take him periodically to Los Angeles, warned his listeners: “This is not out in the valley. This is Hollywood. This is L.A. This is bad.”

He pointed out Southern California fires usually are in the spring to summer.

But Wednesday’s blaze, he said, “is Los Angeles, this is Bel-Air, this is Brentwood, potentially, this is Beverly Hills, potentially, Hollywood.”

“I take the route [Interstate 405] when I’m out there. This is the route that I take going to work every morning at 5:30, 5 Click to see the original article