This Nuclear Blast Simulator Lets You Put In ANY Address to See What Would Happen (Plus a List of Potential Targets)

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Did you ever think about the places close to you that would be potential targets for a nuclear strike by an enemy? If you’re reading this website, chances are, the answer is yes. But how would a strike to that nearby target affect you?

In the event of a nuclear strike, there are four things to consider. The numbers below are in the event of a 300 kiloton bomb:

  • The Fireball: Everything in this range would be disintegrated, It is nearly a one-mile radius and also called Ground Zero.
  • Radiation: A wave of deadly radiation would affect everything within 5.5 miles. This will cause lung injuries, severe burns, deafness, blindness, and internal bleeding. Anyone in this range who survives the immediate danger is likely to suffer from radiation poisoning in the upcoming weeks.
  • The Shockwave: A shockwave of incredible power would spread throughout a range of about 11.5 miles. Also called the blast wave, this highly compressed air will travel at high velocities (up to 470 mph), destroying nearly every building in its path.
  • The Heat: Heat from a nuclear blast would travel almost 50 miles. This heat can ignite fires and cause first degree burns.

You can plug any address into this website and see how far the effects of a nuclear strike would reach.

This is a link to the Blast Simulator.

Here’s what a 300 KT strike on the White House would look like, so that you can get an idea of the different danger zones.

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