Trump adviser Miller emerges as power player for president

By Bob Unruh


President Trump is not known for being a weak personality.

Many of his advisers have been cast in roughly the same mold: a little bit brash, certainly blunt, not inclined to use euphemisms.

One such personality was Stephen Bannon, the former chief strategist, whose bluntness eventually conflicted with the president’s own.

But now another blunt-speaking personality, who has a take-no-prisoners attitude with the media, is emerging as a power player for the president.

In the last week, he’s been “thrown out” of a television channel’s headquarters and has been the focus of complaints that his demands are holding up legislation.

He’s Stephen Miller, and McClatchy recently cited fretting by “even Republicans” in Congress that he was setting down requirements that were limiting their chances of passing an immigration deal.

Some members on Thursday said a committee had reached agreement on a deal, while others said it hadn’t happened.

But the McClatchy report said Miller is loathed for “delivering his hardline views.”

Earlier this week, CNN claimed Miller was “escorted” out of its headquarters after a fiery interview with anchor Jake Tapper.

Miller appeared on Tapper’s “State of the Union” program Sunday morning to defend the president from charges of dysfunction in the White House leveled in the new book by Michael Wolff, “Fire and Fury.”

Tapper appeared to become flustered by Miller’s defense of the president and his refusal to answer some questions.

“I have plenty of questions on immigration — you’ve attempted to filibuster by talking about your flights with the president,” Tapper said.

“Don’t be condescending, Jake,” Miller barked.

At one point, Tapper urged Miller to “settle down, calm down” and accused him of performing to please Trump, whom he referred to as Miller’s “one viewer.”

After a bit, Tapper cut the interview short, claiming Miller was “wasting his viewers’ time.”

Trump soon took to Twitter to declare his adviser “destroyed” Click to see the original article