U.N. warned of ‘disingenuous’ attempt to create new nation

By Bob Unruh


The United Nations is being warned about a “disingenuous and illegitimate” attempt to create a new nation – Palestine – without having any of the internationally accepted components at hand.

The move came from Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas, “in a fit of pique,” after President Donald Trump announced he would allow the implementation of a 20-year-old law in the U.S. that formally recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

In response, Abbas claimed that the PA intended to accede to 22 different international conventions and agreements.

However, the European Center for Law and Justice, in a letter to U.N. chief Antonio Guterres, pointed out that that’s simply not how things are done.

“For a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, the PA’s inability to accede to such treaties as a ‘state’ (since it fails to meet minimal criteria for statehood under customary international law), its wholly disingenuous and illegitimate reasons for signing on to such agreements, and its clear breach of the Oslo Accords in doing so, Palestinian accession to such agreements must be rejected,” the center told the U.N.

The letter this week, signed by Jay Sekulow, who also heads the American Center for Law and Justice, urged the U.N. to “disqualify” the PA from signing treaties.

The Trump decision regarding Jerusalem, it explained, “was a lawful act by a sovereign state, subject to neither censure nor approval by foreign powers.”

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But the Palestinian Authority still has obtained no action “with respect to the creation or existence of a Palestinian ‘State,’” it said.

“Under the U.N. Charter, the General Assembly has no lawful authority whatsoever to create or recognize a ‘state.’ The U.N. does not officially recognize states or declare statehood; such actions are the responsibility of Click to see the original article      

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