Wag the Dog: The Syrian Airstrike Charade

By Contributing Author

The news is rife with the Syrian airstrikes and the theatrical narrative: the united coalition of brave allies against the despotic Assad to secure the blessings of liberty, etc., etc. The reality: The U.S. threw more than 100 missiles against soft Syrian targets with Britain firing rockets from four aircraft as France flew planes around and cruised the waters with a few ships. The target (a suspected but not verified chemical weapons facility) was destroyed…before chemical weapons use, or manufacture could be verified. Once again, the Western Hegemony “showed” that bad ‘ol puddy-tat, that anti-Saudi Arabian, anti-Petrodollar Assad…showed him that his “Clorox Bleach” assault on mannequins as verified by white hat “Light-Brite” technicians would not be tolerated! “Mission accomplished!” in the words of US President Donald Trump.

Yet the brave allies didn’t screw with the Russians directly, now, did they?

If each of those Tomahawks cost an even $1 million, the US spent over $100 million plus the cost of the operation…five times that? More than half a billion dollars, right? To accomplish what?

To accomplish much, in this order more or less:

  1. To wipe out any and all traces of an alleged chemical weapons facility to cover up the fact that there was never anything manufactured there and used against any civilians. The excellent tactical logic: We’ll use the guise that it poses a threat, blow it up, and we’ll use intelligence reports and a puppet (such as Dunsford) to say the threat was real…target destroyed, and nobody can prove otherwise.”
  2. Saudi Arabian Interests: Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge published an article on 4/15/18 “Overthrow the Syrian Regime, but Play Nice with Russia.” That article provides a copy of a Wikileaks cable released in 2015 by the Saudis specifically directing the US to carry out a regime change in Click to see the original article      

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