What does GOP Obamacare fix really do?

By Bob Unruh


Remember when Obamacare was before Congress and Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi famously said the bill should be passed so taxpayers could find out “what’s in it”?

After Democrats passed the 2,300-page legislation, the Obama administration crafted tens of thousands of regulations and rules. Then, Obama issued a series of executive orders to make the failing plan work.

Now, with the Republicans proposing yet another “repeal and replace” plan, it’s clear that unraveling such a complex piece of legislation isn’t easy.

One of the groups that has battled the takeover of the American health care system from the beginning is the American Center for Law and Justice. Its experts have complied a big list of the bill’s changes and their potential impact.

ACLJ calls the current Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson bill the “final attempt” by the GOP to repeal Obamacare this year.

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The group warns that time is of the essence because the reconciliation process that allows the Senate leadership to pass the reform with a simple majority vote expires on Sept. 30.

“After this, there is no chance that the unified left will allow any reform through Senate,” ACLJ said.

“In short, Graham-Cassidy converts $1.2 trillion of Obamacare subsidies and spending into block grants for States to craft healthcare plans to address the needs of its citizens. The bill also ends Obamacare mandates and defunds Planned Parenthood.”

The organization cited six major changes:

  1. It would end the individual and employer mandates to obtain health care insurance by simply eliminating the penalties.
  2. The GOP would convert Obama’s Medicaid expansion into block grants to the states. First, the aid would be allocated on a per capita basis instead of favoring Democratic-leaning states. It also would provide a Click to see the original article