What Most of Us Don’t Think About When Staying in Hotel Room

By Liz Long

Being prepared in a hotel room isn’t as hard as it might initially seem. Most of us stay in hotels on vacation. Hotels can be over a hundred floors tall in very big cities but in most areas, they top out at four to six floors. This is easily walkable for almost anyone–certainly going down–and reachable for a fire truck ladder.

The first question that comes to mind is “can the fire truck rescue us”? Or, put another way, how many floors can the fire truck reach? In most cases, up to around the sixth floor, depending on how tall each floor is. Many fire companies have 100-foot ladders, but that would be if it was next to the building with the ladder going straight up in the air. That won’t happen in a real-life fire.

Getting Out

The most important thing to know: Locate the closest stairwell and use it in an emergency.

Hotels are just large buildings. Like any building, bad things can happen, including bad luck. Power outages, floods, fire, blizzards, tornadoes, civil unrest, and all manners of other problems can affect your stay, and you need a plan if that happens. The first step is knowing where you are. Every hotel room has a map on the back of the entry door. That map shows your room location and directions to the closest emergency exit as well as the location of the elevator(s), other rooms, vending and ice machines, and anything else on the floor. That emergency route is the reason it is there. The law requires the map so people know how to escape in an emergency and you really should take a minute to look at it.

There may be other stairwells and routes out of the building that is not marked on the map in your room, especially Click to see the original article