White House Releases Plan to ‘Build a Stronger America’


This Valentine’s Day the White House (WH) is giving the gift of economical hope by releasing a fact based plan on why America needs to focus on the rebuilding of our infrastructure. The statement begins with a quote from President Donald Trump, “It’s time to put up soaring new infrastructure that inspires pride in our people and our towns.” Outlining how Americans overwhelmingly support this plan, the WH detailed some facts: In a September 2017 Harvard-Harris poll, 84 percent of those polled believe the United States needs an investment in infrastructure. More than three-quarters of those polled, 76 percent, believe infrastructure funding should come from a combination of public funds, bonds, and public-private partnerships. An overwhelming number of Americans, 81 percent, believe that infrastructure investments will improve their personal quality of life according to a July 2017 poll conducted by YouGov. 89 percent of those polled said investing in infrastructure will strengthen the economy. 82 percent believe infrastructure investments will bring more jobs to their communities. In a recent Harvard-Harris poll, those polled believed infrastructure should be the second highest priority of Congress and the Administration, only behind stimulating American jobs. It didn’t stop there though. The report continued to detail how American businesses also support the investment into our infrastructure: The vast majority of business owners believe that investing in infrastructure will improve the economy and see private investments as key, according to a survey conducted by UBS. 89 percent of the business owners surveyed believe infrastructure investments will improve the economy. 65 percent believe infrastructure investments will improve their business. 80 percent support private sector involvement in infrastructure. Business owners ranked public-private Click to see the original article      

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