Who is really ‘the wicked one’ in the Bible?


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Is the Holy Bible written on more than one level?

The answer is yes, according to a best-selling author who says Scripture is written on both a physical level for human beings on Earth, as well as a spirit level, applying to spirit beings who dwell in a dimension invisible to our physical eyes.

Joe Kovacs, author of the brand-new best-seller “Shocked by the Bible 2: Connecting the Dots in Scripture to Reveal the Truth They Don’t Want You to Know,” appeared on TV for the first time as a recent guest on “Shabbat Night Live,” a program that delves into the Bible’s content, hosted by Michael Rood.

Author Joe Kovacs on the set of "Shabbat Night Live" with host Michael Rood.

Author Joe Kovacs on the set of “Shabbat Night Live” with host Michael Rood.

Kovacs demonstrated how what’s written in the Bible can be applied not only to physical people, but to spirit individuals as well, by explaining use of the phrase, “the wicked one.”

“People do get wicked at times. There is a wicked one in this world prompting people to do [evil],” Kovacs said.

“The wicked one in the Bible is the devil, and every time you see the words ‘the wicked one,’ you should ask yourself the question, ‘Is this talking about THE wicked one?’ It’s not just wicked people on Earth. There is a wicked one in the spiritual dimension.”

“The Bible is not just written on the physical level,” he continued. “It’s written on the spiritual level for spirit beings. There’s good angels and there’s bad angels. God Himself is a Spirit being, and He is broadcasting His message not only to human beings but to Spirit beings as well. Because there Click to see the original article