Why Anti-Gun Echo Chambers Are Good News For The Second Amendment

By Tom Knighton

Apparently, an anti-gun Facebook page has declared any and all pro-Second Amendment supporters persona non grata. They don’t want anyone who might disagree with them anywhere near their page, according to a post at America’s First Freedom.

The anti-gun Facebook page “Gun Control Now” has this at its mantra: “Gun nuts will be banned. This page will be safe for the rational and the sane, a no harassment zone.”

So it’s a “safe space” for people to have one-sided groupthink. Like the “safe spaces” that have been popping up on college campuses to protect the often one-sided views and weak sensibilities of snowflakes, Gun Control Now opted to censor opposing views.

It’s amusing to mock this trend, but the problem is that it isn’t just some curious exception.

This shun-all-the-opposing-views approach from the Left is also why some on the progressive left are shouting down conservative speakers at Berkley, Middlebury and many other institutions of higher learning.

And it isn’t just happening on college campuses. With the gun issues in particular, the media that lean left shun the freedom side of the story. That media bias toward Second Amendment freedoms has been well documented and is an issue we tackle at America’s 1st Freedom a lot, but many are missing the ramifications of the problem.

To be sure, this is problematic in many ways, especially on college campuses where opinions are still be formed and presenting both sides is essential. Many college students don’t really have the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas except at school, which is where they’re supposed to see such things.

However, Facebook works a little differently.

With an anti-gun Facebook page, they are all preaching to the choir to an extent. So are the pro-gun Facebook pages. They exist to provide ammunition to their side, ammo that can be Click to see the original article