10 Big Companies That Were Exposed By Their Own Employees

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Is it possible for a company to become TOO big? A mom and pop shop, or a small company with just a few employees might follow all the rules by the book because they can’t financially afford to be shady. But it seems that the bigger a company is, the more immune they become to being held accountable for their actions. Well, maybe not every big company is like this, but it is certainly becoming a huge issue in the world. Just because you work for a large company, it doesn’t mean that things are always running smoothly. For example, a big company like Amazon has been outed for not treating their employees very well. Plus, they’re providing software to local authorities that might even be a violation of our privacy. Even the news station Fox News is being held accountable by a former employee for being blatantly biased. Whether it’s warehouse conditions, shady business dealings, or trying to cover up questionable actions, employees are quick to point out when a big company is in the wrong. Given that some employees sign a contract saying that they won’t reveal company secrets, they are risking so much in coming forward. They could be faced with lawsuits or lose their jobs. The next time you decide to give your money to a store, or watch a certain TV show, you might want to reconsider who you give your time and money too. Luckily, a few of these companies have actually changed their behavior because of the whistleblowers. But there are others who’ve simply swept the issue under the rug instead of trying to fix it. Hopefully, if things don’t change, there will be more employees who will expose these behaviors and will pioneer a time of change. Check out this video to find out which big companies are shadier than you think!

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