10 Creepiest Wikipedia Pages You Should Never Visit

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Wikipedia is a strange place. On one hand, the majority of us rely on it whenever we need to quickly find information about something. On the other hand, we’ve been told relentlessly by teachers and professionals to never trust the information on Wikipedia.

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While it’s true that anyone can edit a Wiki page, it’s still a great reference tool. We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve spent hours reading about various things on this free encyclopedia. And things sometimes get creepy. For example, there’s a page dedicated to John F. Kennedy’s autopsy that shares photos of what he looked like while on the autopsy table. There’s also a page dedicated to the strange lives of the Silent Twins, June and Jennifer Gibbons. These identical twins spent decades communicating only with each other in a “secret language.” But you’ll have to watch the video to see what it took for them to finally communicate with others. I won’t spoil the ending.

Did you know that you should stay away from a loaded whipped cream dispenser? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t, because Wikipedia has got you covered. And for the fans of unsolved mysteries out there, the Zodiac Wikipedia page gives you a comprehensive look into one of the creepiest serial cases in American history.

But remember: we told you not to visit any of these Wiki pages!

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