10 Most Bizarre Declassified CIA Documents

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The CIA is responsible for providing national security intelligence to our nation’s policymakers. As you can imagine, their job requires keeping top-secret information away from the public eye. This is done to avoid causing hysteria among the public, and to make sure that our nation’s secrets don’t fall into the wrong hands. But due to the Freedom of Information Act, the CIA must provide partial or full access to classified information if someone asks for it. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule. The CIA has even created a Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room to make the public’s access to declassified documents even simpler. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind closed CIA doors, then you need to watch this video. Some declassified documents are to be expected, like a newspaper clipping that spoke of how the CIA was trying to silence UFO hysteria. The US has had a long and complicated relationship with aliens and UFOs, and there are hundreds of documents pertaining to this subject on their website. But there are some documents, like one titled “Soviet Jokes for the DDCI,” that we can’t even believe were made in the first place. It’s literally just filled with jokes about the Soviet Union. That’s one document that we think you need to be of the era to really understand. Another declassified document released in 2002 was an office memo sent out to CIA employees back in 1965. The memo outlined that the Coca-Cola delivery guy had been noticing a shortage of bottles each time he picked up the empties. This information was obviously so important that it just had to be classified, right? But if you really want to get into the nitty-gritty of previously classified documents, keep watching until the end to see which false flag event the US contemplated orchestrating to frame Fidel Castro.

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