Apocalyptic Disasters Waiting to Happen

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There’s not much we can do to prepare especially in events such as Earthquakes, landslides and forest fires. Major cities sitting along the San Andreas fault are just waiting to crumble. Mother Earth plenty of potential to destroy life on it. Volcanoes are overdue for exploding after being silent for so long. Let’s take an in depth look at some apocalyptic disasters that are waiting to happen!

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5. San Francisco EarthQuake
The picturesque city of San Francisco is really a ticking time bomb that could go off any minute now. Not only is it a coastal city which makes it susceptible to flooding, hurricanes and what not, but it sits along a major fault line known as the San Andreas Fault. According to the University of California, there’s a 75 percent chance that an earthquake of a 7 or greater magnitude will occur by 2086! The fact that san francisco hasn’t had a major earthquake since 1986 is still somewhat of a miracle considering it’s location. The last major one since 1986 was 80 years ago where over 80 percent of the city was destroyed. It still remains as california’s biggest natural disaster and another one in modern times would be even more devastating. Aftershocks could then cause tsunamis and the whole west coast will start heading east, resulting in high levels of unemployment, and homelessness in states such as nevada.

4. Economic Collapse
We’ve seen from the Great Depression what happens when stock prices plummet, and our money becomes worthless. Our paper dollar is no longer backed with an exchangable amount of silver or gold like it used to be. Large amounts of people are homeless from unemployment, and these people begin becoming extremely reckless, looking for anyway possible to make money and feed themselves. With many people in debt, many people are off of money they don’t have. Some feel as though hyperinflation is just around the corner and we’ve seen this happen in history where it takes a ridiculous amount of money just to get a loaf of bread. Imagine if a cheeseburger at mcdonalds sold for 100 dollars! There would be chaos. During a moment with serious hyperinflation,with just one banknote you could be a Quintillionaire in Hungary. The only setback was during WWII, the prices for things doubled every 15 minutes! One hundred quintillion pengo was only worth about 30 cents on a good day. During the apocalypse, paper money will be most useful in the firepit to keep warm.

3. Metsamor Power Station
Another nuclear power plant that could wreak some serious havoc on planet earth, metsamor power station is located in Armenia and sits on an extremely active fault. While it might be situated in a very picturesque area around the caucasus mountains, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. It’s been called one of the most dangerous power plants and it sits on Mount Ararat which has ties to the great flood and noah’s ark. The European union has called it a danger to the entire region and Armenia turned down 200 million euro to shut it down. In 1988, a 6.8 earthquake happened only 20 miles away from the powerplant but it wasn’t enough to cause a massive catastrophe that time. Since Armenia is a landlocked country, it relies on nuclear energy doesn’t get enough sun to resort to solar energy. Many wonder how a clean up would go or if the country is stable enough for a nuclear disaster like chernobyl.

2. Gamma Ray Burst
You might be familiar with Gamma rays from the comic book character the hulk who was exposed to them apparently. But in reality nothing can survive direct exposure to a gamma ray. A Gamma ray burst is the most deadly of any kind of explosion known in the universe and some believe it triggered an extinction of life 450 million years ago already on this planet. it certainly has the capability to happen again. Some scientists believe that these happen when a black hole is formed by certain supernovas or when stars in our universe collide. Gamma Rays have the highest frequency of any wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum. If a gamma ray burst were to hit us head it would essentially set the entire earth on fire. The high amounts of radiation they give off would destroy the entire ozone layer, even if it just grazes us. Luckily the likelihood of this happening is pretty low because we would have to be in a direct path of the beam, but they essentially have the power needed to destroy life on this planet.


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