Are You a Gun Extremist? Answer These Three Questions to Find Out

By Robert Farago

(courtesy The Truth About Guns)

According to gun control advocates, there are good gun owners and bad gun owners. Gun owners who support “reasonable restrictions” on their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, and gun owners who eat babies. I mean, live in a world where “shall not be infringed” means what it says. The anti-gunners call the latter group “extremists.” Some gun owners wear that label proudly, mindful of Barry Goldwater’s pronouncement that “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” The question is, are YOU a gun extremist? To find out, answer the following three questions . . .

1. Do you support background checks for firearms purchases?

If you answered no . . . you might be a gun extremist.

If you answered yes, tell me: what is the point of background checks? Do they stop criminals from getting ahold of firearms? No. Do they transform a right into a privilege? Yes. You want extreme? I reckon anyone should be able to walk into a store, buy a gun, buy some ammunition and walk out of the store without a background check.

Why that would make it easy for criminals to buy guns! Mental defectives! Politicians! (I threw that one in there.) Yes, it would. But background checks are a government infringement. Also, one wonders how in the name of God we survived as a nation without background checks for 222 years.

2. Do you support Constitutional Carry?

If you answered yes . . . you might be a gun extremist.

After all, if anyone can carry a gun without government approval criminals could carry guns! Mental defectives! Politicians! (That joke never gets old.) Without a government permitting system the government can’t make sure that every gun owner has been trained to Navy SEAL standards. They can’t collect fees for the right to keep and bear arms, upon which the government depends to pay for the paperwork and manpower side of the infringing thing. And they can’t keep a database!

If no permitting system was required, Americans would be shooting each other all the time over traffic accidents and karaoke contests. Just like they do in Arizona and Vermont. Constitutional carry? We don’t let people drive without a license, why would be allow them to carry a gun without one? Only a gun extremist would argue against all that. Jeez.

3. Do you believe felons should be able to keep and bear arms?

If you answer yes without ANY qualifications . . . you might be a gun extremist.

If you’re in Ralph’s camp, if you believe that violent felons are different from other types of felons and reckon violent felons should lose their gun rights forever, you’re not a true gun extremist. I understand the logic, but true gun extremists argue that anyone who’s too dangerous to allow a gun is too dangerous to allow into society.

Lock violent bad guys up for life? That’s a bit extreme isn’t it? Yes. Yes it is. Now we dolly back. Now we fade to black. Knowing who’s who in the ongoing effort to extend and defend firearms freedom.


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