Biden Caught RED HANDED Spying on Fox News Host...

President Joe Biden was recently caught red handed abusing the powers of his office to spy on Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

According to Carlson, a NSA whistleblower reached out to expose Biden's illegal wiretapping of him which included private texts and emails.

Biden's new "Surveillance Deep State" doesn't stop there!

Biden and his liberal allies used the January 6th incident at the U.S. Capitol as justification to enact Gestapo-like surveillance on their political opponents...

They’ve also been BUSTED spying on American soldiers with conservative ideologies and even on Republicans in Congress…WITHOUT even obtaining a warrant!

If they’re so willing to spy on our troops, members of the media and sitting members of Congress…


Best-selling survival author Keith Jacobs EXPOSES all of this plus so much more in his new book about Biden's disturbing illegal surveillance on American citizens... (which you can get for FREE today right here)

This tell-all provides frightening details about his collusion with Big Tech and how they're secretly spying on you in ways previously only seen in places like the Soviet Union, North Korea or other similar regimes.

This controversial book is currently NOT available in stores (Walmart and Amazon won't sell it).

However, Jacobs is on a mission to get it into as many hands as possible so he is giving away 500 copies (as of this writing less than 80 remain in print).

Go here now to claim your FREE Copy before it gets taken down.

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