Recent governmental spending data has dropped quite the truth bomb.

The Biden regime is actively buying COVID-19 equipment and quickly bringing onboard safety advisors.

But what does this mean for us?

The Gateway Pundit and Infowars suggest pandemic-era mandates complete with COVID LOCKDOWNS.

It's déjà vu all over again.

Get ready for economic instability, market jitters, and retirement savings taking unexpected turns.
Is your retirement nest egg resilient enough to weather this?

While most people are panicking and selling off their assets, there are those who know how to turn the situation to their advantage...

These people are using little-known loopholes to protect their wealth, and even grow it, in the face of a crumbling dollar.

And now you can too.

Most folks will just give up their dreams of a stable, happy retirement. They will sit by, watching their accounts drain by the day…

While you choose to fight back.

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Keith Jacobs

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WARNING! You’ll Need a Gas Mask Soon….

If you don’t own a gas mask already, consider getting one.
Because according to this report, an event is about to take place across that could impact you and everyone you know.
This is something the mainstream media has been purposely ignoring.
They’re trying to keep us in the dark because they don’t want to incite widespread hysteria.
However, several sources, including the U.S. Congressional Advisory Board, have stated:
This is a nationwide Code Red-level event that could wipe out 9 out of every 10 people, while leaving the rest of the population in ruins.
What’s worse, senior scientist at , Dr. Michael Frankel predicts it could happen at any moment.
Certainly within the next 48 hours.
If you or your loved ones don’t own a gas mask, or the 4 essential items listed on this page, I suggest you watch this presentation, make a list of these items, then drive down to your local hardware store to pick them up.
Time is of the essence.
This event could unfold in 48 hours or less.

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Unlock Nature’s Pantry: Get Your FREE Pocket-Sized Foraging Guide Now!

Imagine being thrust into the wild, with the weight of your family’s safety on your shoulders. The world can be unpredictable, and in the face of adversity, knowledge becomes your most powerful ally.
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Introducing The Foldable Forager – the game-changer in survival preparedness. This isn’t just any guide; it’s a full-color passport to over 65 of North America’s most nourishing plants, herbs, nuts, and more. And the best part? It’s crafted to be the size of a credit card, ensuring you can carry it everywhere, every day.
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Every family member, every loved one, should have this guide on them. In the direst of situations, when every decision counts, The Foldable Forager could be the difference between despair and hope, between hunger and nourishment.
Don’t wait for the unforeseen. Equip yourself and your loved ones with the knowledge to harness nature’s bounty, even in the toughest scenarios.
Remember, it’s not just a guide—it’s peace of mind in your pocket.

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