Blockchain’s Potential Cannot Be Stopped! – How Businesses Can PROFIT with Anthony Lacavera

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Anthony Lacavera of Globalive about the potential for decentralized blockchain technology in the free market.
Anthony Lacavera has been behind massive ventures over the past 20 years including selling WIND, Canada’s 4th largest mobile provider for 1.3 billion dollars.
Anthony talks about dealing with government regulations and taxes as an entrepreneur and his thoughts on excess regulations.
He also talks about the importance to decentralized blockchain technology for the truly free market.
He then explains how much of an impact the 2008 recession had on the growth and prosperity of blockchain technology.
Artificial intelligence is an important part of blockchain innovation when decentralized. Anthony talks about its impact and how he’s making use of this technology in order to create ease of use and great prosperity in his business ventures.
Globalive just went live and Anthony who of course is the founder and chairman of the company talks about what the business is, how it works and how it allows businesses to utilize the blockchain and enter the future. They are a smaller competitor against IBM, but they utilize far more decentralized blockchain technology allowing businesses they work with to better compete in the markets. It’s kind of like getting smaller businesses websites in the 90s before it really caught on. It stands out and is incredibly efficient and bringing people business.
Mr. Lacavera explains to the viewers why they should get involved in Globalive and where they can find more information. gives people a great wealth of information on the subject matter.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Anthony Lacavera
Josh Sigurdson

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