Craziest Cults You Won’t Believe

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Cults are often defined as religious sects which can seem extreme and are deemed in a negative light. In the US we have the freedom to worship what we want as long as we don’t break the law. In other places around the world, like cults are strictly forbidden and joining one is could result in capital punishment. In any case, it’s your choice but whatever you do, don’t drink the kool aid! From secretive, underground masonic ritual groups to people who might take things in the bible too literally, here are the strangest cults around the world!

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9. Charles Manson
One of America’s most infamous criminals, Charles Manson had a frightening influence over his followers. He had his cult followers do the dirty work for him. He was the founder of what was called the Manson Family, which was a group of hippies in the 1960’s. He found himself around a life of crime from an early age committing burglary and pimping. He would preach his philosophy about life and how the end was near and racial wars would begin. He was found guilty of conspiracy to commit the homicide of seven people including the infamous crime scene at Roman Polanski’s mansion. Where actress Sharon Tate and four others were discovered by police after his followers got a hold them. Even some frightening messages were even left in blood on the walls.

8. Cthulhu
Could a fictional book really bring upon a cult of worshipper? This is a seriously dedicated cult that has power over people’s lives..Ctchulhu is by far the most famous mythical sea creature who originally made his debut in HP Lovecraft’s short story called “the call of Cthulhu” that was published in 1928 in a magazine called weird tales. Worshipers of Cthulhu mythos believe that he will usher in a great age of darkness upon the world and wipe out all humanity as we know it. It seems similar to some doomsday cults Many who weren’t members of the cult still gave the book rave reviews as nothing short of a literary masterpiece. This fictional entity is described as an octopus, dragon, and human hybrid but is just considered as the leader to cult members From extraterrestrial origin, cthulhu lived in the pacific ocean, as described as being at least 1000 feet tall. To many he represents darkness and the eventual extinction of mankind. In any case, this is a creature you can be glad is only mythical. In any case, the book tends to have quite a bit of mysterious power over people considering it’s just supposed to be a sci fi novel.

7. Aum Shinrikyo
Shoko Asahara became the leader of a dangerous cult and would pay the ultimate punishment for it eventually. A considerable amount of Japanese youth began following a new set of beliefs that incorporated ideas from tibetan buddhism and Indian buddhism but also hinduism. The main god that was worshipped was Shiva, the hindu deity. Yoga, writings from nostradamus, the christian book of revelation were also taken into consideration and eventually a dangerous doomsday cult was upon us! They thought a third world war was upon us and it would initiated the US! He believes the Book of Revelation was insight to a coming nuclear armageddon which would be the final conflict. Once the world was wiped, only the followers of this religion. To usher in the apocalypse, they used sarin gas in 1995 in a Tokyo subway which caused 12 fatalities and over 1000 injuries. The organization also tried to obtain Botox gas and manufactured VX gas. The same chemical factory they used to make this, would manufacture LSD and other hardcore drugs to be used

6. Voodoo
Voodoo in the Caribbean nation of Haiti is widespread and it includes some strange rituals as were about to see. These photos were taken in the village of Souvenance which is located north of Port-au-Prince. It’s here where voodoo followers sacrifices a goat, smear himself in its blood and then dance in some type of religious ceremony. Worshippers must wear all white and bathe in bodies of water. This woman here appears to be in some type of trance like state while she’s bathing in the sacred water. Once the clothes are stained with blood from a sacrificed goat, they begin to dance during a pretty frightening ceremony

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