Daily Digest: Hurricane Parties Edition

By Matt in FL

First United Methodist Church, Port St. Lucie FL courtesy pslfumc.com

You carry a gun to church? Well, as I’ve said elsewhere, I think Tam said it best over on her blog: “I don’t carry a gun ‘to’ anyplace; I just carry a gun.” A couple at the First United Methodist Church of Port St. Lucie, Florida (above) was accosted on a Saturday a couple weeks ago by a man brandishing a hunting knife. He demanded money, but when the victims told him there was no cash to get, he left instead with a cellphone and two laptops. Police instituted a search without result. Master Sgt. Frank Sabol of the PSLPD said, “No injuries were reported because (the victims) complied with him and gave him what they had and he took off.” While the victims in this case were lucky . . .

I think that’s where the causality stops. Compliance doesn’t necessarily buy you any goodwill at all, and is at best a crapshoot. It’s good that no one was hurt, but I’ve heard it said that luck only protects fools, children, and ships named Enterprise. On the other hand, there’s an Arab saying (possibly apocryphal) that goes, “Trust in God, but tie your camel tight.” I prefer preparedness.

Your Lockdown of the Day™ is a twofer. Madison High School in San Antonio, Texas has banned non-transparent backpacks and bags as of last Wednesday, with the rule to remain in effect through the end of the school year at least. The move comes in the wake of two lockdowns in as many days, one caused by actual weapons and the other by a gun-related threat. The first was caused by a sophomore who brought two loaded pistols, a loaded assault rifle [sic] and a 12-inch knife to school last Monday, and the second was when a student sent a text message to another student on Tuesday that said “I’ve brought a weapon but don’t want us to go into lockdown. Don’t tell anyone.” The 17-year-old texter was arrested Wednesday and was charged as an adult with making a terroristic threat. She claims she sent the text as a prank, and the article makes no mention of an actual weapon being found. So, if you weren’t in the clear backpack business last week, you missed out on a great business opportunity. But there’s always next time.

An NRA-backed bill that Pinellas County (Florida) Sheriff Bob Gualtieri called “insane” died in the Florida Senate late last week. The bill would have allowed those in “lawful possession” of guns to conceal weapons without a permit during mandatory evacuations and local emergencies. (The article mentions riots, but nobody in Florida is thinking about anything but hurricanes.) Some have pointed out that if the bill had passed, people might have started to wonder “Hey, if I can do this during an emergency, why do I need a piece of paper to do it the rest of the time?” leading to a push to relax gun regulations further in the Sunshine State. The bill passed the House last week by an 80-36 vote, and Gualtieri pushed for an amendment in the Senate that would limit the permit exemption to 24 hours, and remove the exemption once the evacuee reached their safe destination. The amendment passed the committee, but the bill’s sponsor ultimately pulled the entire thing for the duration of this legislative session. I hope we see this bill again, both because I can see the utility of a firearm in an emergency situation (but then I would, wouldn’t I?) and for the “waking up the people” reason noted above.

Iraqveteran8888 brings us a torture test of the SCCY CPX-2. This is an interesting little gun that Nick gave four stars to when he reviewed it back in June of last year. It also has accounted for more than half of the click-through gun sales that have taken place via the Florida Gun Supply button at the bottom of many of our gun reviews, so people seem to think it’s worth their money. It’s inexpensive and looks like a pretty solid offering, and it’s worth a gander.

A quickie from 22plinkster shooting an exploding target swinging on the end of a couple feet of string. Small boom.



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