Defensive Gun Use of the Day: No Shots Fired Edition

By Robert Farago

Gun control and gun rights advocates both focus on fear of criminal predation. The key difference: the firearms freedom fraternity has a better message for the folks. Bad things happen but here’s something effective you can do about it. Carry a gun and protect yourself. The antis’ recommendation: vote for civilian disarmament and hope nothing bad happens. Bit of a no-brainer that. Especially as an estimated one million Americans use a firearm to defend life and limb each each year. Unfortunately, when it comes to messaging, the antis have a crucial advantage . . .

Bad news is more interesting than good news. In the report above, a good samaritan saves a citizen from a pair of purse snatchers, then holds the bad guys for the police. No one was killed or seriously injured. So this story has no “legs.” If the good guy had plugged the bad guys, that would have been a different story. Literally and commercially. But he didn’t so it appears on, here at TTAG and a few other places, then disappears from view.

Only not from the memory of the woman involved, the man who rescued her, the police who apprehended the criminals, the criminals themselves and those gun owners who understand that a good guy with a gun makes himself, his community and his country a safer place to live. Not safe. Safer. Unlike the delusional antis, most gun owners know that’s as good as it gets.


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