Do Plants THINK?

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Do plants have brains? Find out whether the vegetation in our ecosystem have the ability to communicate with one another.
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Whether reacting to stimulants, warding off predators, or learning new ways to survive, plants are surprisingly adept at adapting to new situations. You wouldn’t think that they’d be able to communicate with one another, but through roots, fungi, and other unique ways, plants are showing time and time again that they have their own complex and natural forms of connectivity. Eastern and Native American religions often refer to a unifying force in the known world—connecting all living beings—and it seems like modern science might prove that to be true. With breakthroughs occurring each day, we might be coming closer and closer to learning that language, breaking through natural barriers to finally understand whether or not plants can think. So, join TheRichest as we probe into unthinkable ideas and commune with the green world around us.

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