First FOUR Officers at School Shooting Never Went In – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

The four armed Broward sheriff’s deputies who first responded to the Florida shooting never went inside the building where the shooting took place, it was revealed today. When Coral Springs police arrived, they were surprised to find the four Broward deputies outside the building, with their guns drawn. The four deputies included Scot Peterson, who surveillance video shows stood outside the building for four minutes during the shooting instead of going in. We have LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE of this new development in the Parkland, Florida shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

LIVE NOW: First FOUR Broward Officers Never Went In at Florida School Shooting – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

Watch the LIVE STREAM of the coverage of the new revelations about the Broward officers in the Parkland, Florida shooting here.

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