HIGHEST Scoring Fantasy Football Moments!

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From players who’ve had the best seasons in fantasy football with in the past decade, to some unbelievable individual performances, here area Highest Scoring Fantasy Football moments

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9.Michael Vick
Having a dual threat as your fantasy quarterback can be a risk/reward type situation. All though they bring in extra points from rushing, they can possibly get injured quicker. One of the best performances during a single game took place in 2010 while playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Many would argue that he played better overall before he got arrested but he never had a 49 point game before! During that game he threw for 333 yards and was able to rush for another 80 yards. He totaled 6 touchdowns with 2 of those being rushing touchdowns.

8.Calvin Johnson 2011
Also known as megatron, this guy was a touchdown machine in 2011 and he had the 4th highest scoring season as a wide reciever over the past 10 years in the NFL. This lean mean 237 pound machine was able to snatch himself a total of 16 touchdowns and a whopping 1681 yards that year. He caught 96 total passes with 32 of them being over 20 yards each. During one game vs Oakland that year, he was able to get 2 touchdowns and 214 points in one of his best career games! Many will miss not having Calvin Johnson on their starting roster because he’s currently enjoying his retirement from the league since 2015. The Lions could still use another Wide Reciever now that he’s gone and matthew Stafford certainly misses his notable presence.

7.Arian Foster 2010
It’s been about 9 years now since since arian foster had his best season and out beat Todd Gurley 2017 by 8 fantasy points. It was this year where he played for the Houston Texans when he rallied up a total of 18 total touchdowns. He also managed to rush for 1616 yards while catching 604 yards receiving. It ranks as the 3rd overall best fantasy season for a running back within the past 10 years and it was only his 2nd year. Ever since, his production declined and eventually it seemed that he played his last season with the miami dolphins in 2016

6.Rob Gronkowski 2011
Well wasn’t 2011 a great time for fantasy football, wasn’t it? Rob Gronkowski put the record for the most fantasy points scored in the past 10 years and managed to score 17 more points than Jimmy Graham who came in 2nd. He would put up an average of a 20 points per game which was huge for the tight end position. Tom Brady uses Rob as his go-to target while in the end zone and he’d certainly follow that trend again in 2014 where rob scored 296 fantasy points. When he can stay healthy, there’s no other Tight End more dominate which has helped him win numerous superbowl rings.

5.Antonio Brown 2014 and 2015
This wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers high the 2 highest scoring seasons for wide receivers and he did it during consecutive seasons! In 2014, he put 378 fantasy points and then the next year he put 382 total. This essentially makes him the best fantasy reciever over the past decade and had himself a great season in 2018 as well. Just last year, he finished in first place for touchdowns and 11th in yards. He’ll be a hot first round pick this year even though he’s now playing on the raiders.

4.Patrick Mahomes
If somehow you had Patrick Mahomes on your team last year, go ahead and pat yourself on the back! He was a huge surprise to everyone passing 50 touchdowns in 2018 and rushing for 2 touchdowns. Patrick is somewhat of a duel thre==at and can manage to pick up some decent yardage occasionally. During a game against the Los Angeles Rams, he threw for 6 touchdowns and 478 yards. Despite the 3 interceptions, he nearly tied the record for most touchdown passes in a single game. He outbeat himself vs the pittsburgh steelers, throwing 6 touchdowns but no interceptions. His team went on to win that game by 5 points and he did it on the road. Many are excited to see if he can still put up ridiculous numbers again this season.

3.Doug Martin
Also known as the muscle hamster, Doug Martin had an insane fantasy game that will go down in the record books. In 2012, Martin managed to rush for 251 yards, caught for 21 yards and scored a jaw dropping 4 touchdowns as apart of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’s seemingly underperformed ever since and will have trouble living up to this moment again. Now he’s playing for the raiders and will have some opportunities to show everyone that he’s not completely washed up!

2.Jamal Charles
Jamal Charles had a breakout season in 2013 when he scored a total of 382 points. BUt one of his biggest highlights will forever be that game during week 15 when he put up 51 fantasy points vs the Oakland raiders. He’s a regular producer in the NFL and has had 3 seasons where he’s rushed for over 1000 yards. During this game he scored 5 total touchdowns with 4 of those coming from receiving


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