MAC Confirms TTAG’s Take on the Remington R51

By Nick Leghorn

“The gun is just flawed.” “Unfinished.” “It just doesn’t feel good to me.” “I really hope this doesn’t blow up.” “It’s just dangerous.” These are a few of the phrases that Tim at the Military Arms Channel uses to describe the Remington R51. We published our two star review of the Remington R51 a while back and got a lot of flak from the fanboys, claiming that it was a “sandbag job.” They said we were just biased against Remington and that the gun was in fact fine. Tim is one of the few people outside of TTAG who I really trust to give a fair review, and in his recently posted video . . .

he describes and confirms every single flaw that I found in the gun…and then some. His gun malfunctioned even when he was 100% sure he assembled it properly. His T&E gun (sent by Remington specifically for his review) fired out of battery. The gun even failed to fire with standard ammunition sometimes.

These are flaws that shouldn’t be acceptable in a modern firearm, especially one designed for concealed carry. I sure as heck wouldn’t trust my life to a gun this unreliable. And I might even kick down the rating we gave the R51 still further given Tim’s results. So the question remains…how did this gun ever make it to market?


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