Most EXPENSIVE Cities in the World

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Some places are becoming increasingly expensive to own property and even trying to find a small one bedroom apartment in these cities is becoming more and more difficult. The cost of living requires money for food, basic utilities, transportation to work, gas prices and so on. There’s even a place on this list that has average monthly salary that’s lower than the average price for a monthly one bedroom rental! Today we’re going to take a look at the most expensive places to live around the world.

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6. Dubai
The burj khalifa operates as an office building and rent here definitely isn’t cheap, cost residents 43 thousand per month. It’s rumored that many of the buildings are simply left abandoned since no one will budge on the price. If you want to live in the city center it’s really not all that great either. People are expected to be making some kind of oil money out here with one bedroom apartments costing about 1600 dollars per month, making it certainly one of more expensive places to live in the middle east! Gas prices are pretty cheap here as you can imagine with a gallon only going for about 2 bucks or so. Food is relatively affordable but don’t count on getting alcohol here at your grocery store.

5. Hong Kong
The city of Hong Kong is slowly starting to become the most unaffordable city in the world, with average rent prices for a one bedroom apartment becoming more expensive than the average monthly income! This has brought a divide between rich and poor in the city and has lead many people from this to city to live elsewhere. Buying an apartment in downtown Hong Kong will cost buyers over 4x as much as LA while renting prices are at least 300 dollars more per month in comparison. People are expected to pay 2400 a month while earning an average income of 2450 per month. While eating at a restaurant here is surprisely less expensive than you would imagine, the cost of beef, cheese, wine and milk are substantially higher than the rest of the US. Don’t get us started on the fuel! Gas prices might startle americans with prices reaching 8 dollars a gallon. The rich have purchased a substantial amount of property here which as has made things difficult for a middle class to exist. Another surprising difference is the cost of a gym membership which goes for an average of 80 bucks a month.

4. Zurich
Tucked away in the Alps, you better hope zombies don’t learn to climb mountains! Switzerland might be one of the best counties to hide during the zombie apocalypse for numerous reasons. First of all, it’s pretty much the only country in Europe where everyone owns a gun! Fresh alpine water is found all over this country, including Zurich and many lakes might need very little if any, purification to be drinkable! It’s nearly half a mile above sea level and there’s a potential hideout location in every alp cabin you come across. Lake Zurich, located right next to the city, is extremely clean, and needs very little treatment before it’s potable. While everyone else is being infected with flesh eating viruses, you can enjoy the views of the swiss alps! Don’t forget to pick up a handy dandy authentic, swiss army knife while you’re here.

3. Singapore
Singapore is an island city-state located of the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula. It’s a diverse financial hub home to over 5 million inhabitants and is a common destination for tourists and immigrants. Only just slightly less expensive that living in Switzerland, singapore has had fairly decent reputation for being one of the most expensive places to live in Asia. People typically make less than 1,000 bucks more than their monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment. LIving in the city center will cost renters about 1900 per month but trying to buy any kind of property here is also going to be difficult. Price per Square footage is more than twice as expensive as living in LA

2.New York City
If you’re working in New York City than you can likely afford the rent here but living might not always be too easy. Square footage is twice as expensive as Los Angeles and people in manhattan need at least 3,100 dollars per month for a one bedroom apartment. Grocery prices are 35 percent higher than their west coast competition and restaurant prices are 21 percent higher. Surprisingly, gas prices are little bit cheaper in the big apple and residents can enjoy the good selection of public transportation.


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