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Not everything is going to go smoothly all the time. From showing their kids some tough love, to using a plunger as a handle, here are the most hilarious dad fails.

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10. Never Too Young
If you’re gonna learn to drink a beer, you might as well learn it from one of the top beer drinkers on the planet! Thanks dad for teaching me to pound down that cold brew! While it certainly isn’t milk by any means, we know parent have used alcohol for numbing babies while their teething but once their whole face starts getting numb, it’s best to put down beer.

9. Pedal it Out
When in doubt, make sure you pedal it out! It doesn’t matter if their date is twice their size combined, if he said pedal, you better do it! While he might have considered getting his kids a bike, a pedal boat seemed like much more fun and he could use the kids energy to his favor while getting around. With a little extra added weight to the boat, you have to hope it stays afloat!

8. Joe Rogan Jr
Anyone else see the uncanny resemblance between joe rogan and his son. There will be not DNA tests needed to show these two are related! In reality though, the father gave this kid a marker make over and didn’t forget to scribble in the 6 pack to help him get with some serious babes. Maybe he was just getting tired of waiting to see what he’d look like when he was older and just gave his artistic rendition. Maybe he was just born to be a tv start.

7. The ATV Carnival
When you’re a good parent but don’t have the money to take your kids to the carnival because you bought an ATV instead, here’s a good compromise. Get your kids an old matress instead and tie it to the ATV so you can drag them around for a little bit. It’s not a marry go round by any means but it should get the job done. While the dad probably thought it was fun, the wife, once again most likely wanted to put an end to it. Pshh no fun!

6. Reach in There
If you don’t think being a dad has its perks, think again. Have you ever dropped something somewhere and just didn’t have an arm long enough to reach it? Well turns out, in this situation, a kid comes in real handy. Dropping your keys into a dirty pond might be enough for some adults to give up and call a locksmith. However, if your smart enough to tell your kid he’ll get a cookie afterwards he might be willing to do it! You just might want to hide the fact that he might get a bath later on that night for getting dirty. You’re the negotiator, so you make the rules!

5. Get in There
Don’t be wuss and jump in the pool kid! It might not take a full leg kick to get his son in the pool but sometimes, kids just need a little bit of encouragement. He’d probably push him in the pool but as you can see his other hand is rightfully occupied with a frosty brew! Just consider it a nudge with a foot okay? Nothing too crazy.

4. Baby Burrito
You ever go to chipotle and think to yourself, wow, this burrito is the size of a small infant? How am i going to possible eat this! Well dads out there have possibly thought the same thing and while getting their kid dressed, they decided to test out their theory. Could a baby be too big of a burrito size to handle? It looks from this photo that a baby would indeed be too large

3. All Tied Up
Once you got a kid, you’ll realize how useful both your hands are and sometimes you’ll feel like you might need a third arm. The dad here seems to be getting the hang of it and on top of it, the baby looks rather comfortable. Why spend all the extra money all kinds of parenting products when you can simply carry your baby around in a tangled T-shirt! This guy needs a life hack channel immediately! This might not even be a fail!

2. Your Face in the Wrong Place
What could possibly go wrong sharing a bike with dad? It seems like the perfect way to get some family bonding and some good recreation together. However, maybe some one needs to point out to dad some fashion dos and don’ts before things get even sweatier This girl might seriously need a helmet though and maybe a gas mask if she’s got one.

1. Piggy back Ride
Do you remember being a kid and getting the chance to be as tall as a grown up when you went on your parents shoulders, on what’s known as a piggy back ride? But maybe being tall isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be? This dad might not realize that his son is now about the same size as that parking sign he’s walking under and it could mean bad news if this guy didn’t come up and stop them!

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