Most INCREDIBLE Skeleton Discoveries

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Mysterious skeletons give us clues about the past, where we came from, our distant ancestors and even clues about vampires? Skeletons can be discovered in random places like inside statues or washed ashore in boats. Today were gonna take a look at the most bizarre skeleton discoveries.

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6. las Momias de Guanajuato
During the cholera epidemic of Mexico during the late 19th century, it was very difficult to tell who was still alive and who were not due to the disease symptoms. Hoping to restrict the spread of cholera, many were buried shortly after expiring. This woman was one of the unfortunate few, who were buried alive by accident. When she was exhumed, they found her body lying face up and scratch marks on the coffin. Her last agonizing moments were left gasping for air. They could have at least buried her with a bell or something, right? There 59 of these naturally preserved mummies are on display at the Museo de Las Momias in the city of Guanajuato mexico.

5.A Handy Collection
A strange and mysterious discovery sheds light on another bizarre practice among ancient Egyptians and it could leave you with nightmares. Archaeologists digging at an ancient palace in the city of Avaris, came across a creepy discovery when they found 16 severed hands sliced from the arm. This was later proved that ancient Egyptians were paid for cutting off the right hands of enemies during battle. A hand was exchanged for gold by the pharaoh. This was believed to immobilize the enemy in the afterlife, depriving them of power for eternity. This is the early physical evidence of this practice and it dates back to over 3,600 years. Some of the hands were even found in what’s thought to be the throne room meaning the pharaohs kept them handy, you could say? Scientists are uncertain exactly where this tradition originated from.

4.Cheddar Man skull
Located in the i of Somerset England this cave contains the largest underground river system but also a mysterious and dark past. The oldest fossil found in England known as the Cheddar Man was found here, which date back to 7150 BC and it appears as though his demise was not a pretty scene. Some of the abnormalities you see on the right eye socket could have been likely caused from a –strange bone infection. What exactly caused the end of the cheddar man remains a mystery but many believe he might have been a victim of cannibalism. Other human skeletons found at this cave show evidence of the same knife marks found on animals when meat is removed and even a skull used as a cup. Not a cave you’d want to be at during the ice age! Strangely enough, the cave is now used to mature cheddar. We assume this story still won’t keep you from eating cheddar cheese.

3.The Varna Necropolis
Also known as the Varna Cemetery, this burial site in Bulgaria has been considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites ever discovered in the world’s prehistory. Some of the gold found here actually dates back to 4,600 BC making it an extremely rare find. This man here was buried with some of the world’s oldest golden jewelery, showing that people from all periods of time enjoyed being a little blinged out This must have been the world’s wealthiest man about 7000 years ago. Over 300 objects were found here that were made of pure gold. Objects like axes, bracelets, scep ters and other simply remarkable objects that would be difficult to recreate for even the finest modern jewelers.

2.Panacas Skull
Throughout time people have been known to elongate their skulls as a cultural tradition. They would bind their young child’s heads between two pieces of wood or with cloth. First, you have to wonder why this was done and if maybe they were trying to resemble some kind of creatures they made contact with. The idea of head binding seems rather foreign to begin with. Maybe the practice was introduced to them by aliens to humans look more like them? With theories aside, the Paracas skulls that were discovered in Peru seem to be the most baffling. They’ve found quite a few strange skulls here that seem to suggest that they were born with that type of skull. They don’t match other skulls from cranial deformation and don’t have the 3 plates of the skull but only 2. It also has a 25 % larger cranial capacity than normal skulls found at that time. The eye sockets and nose are much larger. Mitochondrial DNA evidence suggest that this skull is not 100 percent human either.


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