Most Insane Lawn Mowers

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Fall is coming up soon, which will mean you’re gonna have to start doing more lawn work to keep it looking good. You might have a few different methods of keeping your grass freshly cut and if you can’t afford some of these on the list, it seems like there’s a few you can make yourself. From high tech robotic Lawn mowers, to some that might be used in street races, here the most insane lawn mowers!

19. The Rabbit Mover
Why burn a ton of fossil fuel when you can go all the all natural route and and just use a rabbit? It’ll even fertilize your lawn at the same time. You just gotta be sure that this lawn mower has plenty of water and it’s sure to get the job done. If you need it done quicker, you can throw a couple of rabbits in the cage which will cut your mowing time in half! Push around to the next spot when they’re finished and they’ll repeat. Leave two rabbits in there long enough and you can even create your own!

18. Bike Lawn Mower
This ingenious redneck invention hybrid, is part bike part lawn mower and really keeps your lawn well trimmed! Go ahead and tell your gardener to take a hike and get your son to ride his bike around the back yard! He’ll be getting some exercise and doing the chores at the same time! Take this invention to the patent office immediately!

17. Get it Greasy
Now before you get to work with all these crazy lawn mowers on our list, we’re gonna give some lawn mower enthusiasts a quick tip.Your life will be so much easier when your mowing the lawn by following this quick helpful american lifehack. Spray the blades of your mower before hitting the grassy lawn. This will keep all that unwanted grass from sticking up on your blades, so you don’t have even take breaks to get it off. Normally the grass tends to clot as it gets wetter which means after rain, this is a good thing to try out. Things such as crisco spray should work just fine. .

16. Robot Lawn Mowers
We discussed in previous videos how jobs in the future may be lost to robots or artificial intelligence. It seems like large fields of grass won’t even need to be cut by humans because robots could do it for us! This photo here displays 2 automatic robot lawn mowers that are taking our jobs! These can cost anywhere from 600 dollars to 3,5000 dollars each so you’d probably what to keep your eyes on them. They’ve been around a good 20 years or so but they’re certainly getting more and more advanced and can even be remotely controlled with your smartphone.

15. John Deere
It might be slightly difficult maintaining all the amber waves of grains america is home to but luckily, we got john deere tractors to help us out! If your backyard contains food to feed americans, than this is what you’re lawnmower looks like This enormous green tractor can plow through acres of grain fields or even lawns with no problems at all.These massive tractors are favored by many farmers here on the mainland and they wouldn’t go with anything else! John Deere tractors has been around since 1837 and they’re dedicated in bringing the highest quality products so americans can can continue to eat!

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