Most Unbelievable MIlitary Machines

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From Crazy amphibious german volkswagens, to scooters equipped with recoilless riffles, here are most unbelievable military machines!

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10. Oshkosh Hemtt
This 40000 thousand pound vehicle is anything but light but it certainly is a work horse of the US Armed Forces. Built by the oshkosh corporation, this tactical truck is powered by a caterpillar C15, 15 2 liter, 6 cylinder inline water cooled diesel engine and pumps out 515 horsepower. Hemtt stands for Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck and it’s basically like a big rig for the military. When you’re on the battlefield, you need lots of supplies, like ammunition, food, gasoline and other equipment, and this vehicle is set on bringing the troops those things. There are various models which seem fitted for various scenarios. This photo here displays US Army soldiers unload a Mk2 Bridge Erection Boat from the Missouri River, so it seems like it can go amphibious occasionally also! Since it’s such a big target, it’s fitted with nearly indestructible armor. All the armor comes at a cost though, only getting about 4 miles to the gallon.

9. Ocelot Patrol Vehicles
If you see this thing coming at you head on, you better get out of the way! This british vehicle will make it on our list for being one heck of an armored car. The ocelot is designed as a multifunctional patrol vehicle and can weigh up to 7500 pounds. It’s basically what you get when you mix the protection of an MRAP and the size of a humvee. Reaching only a speed of 50 miles in hour in 19.75 seconds, it’s definitely no speed demon. This was the first British military vehicle to meet the Generic Vehicle Architecture requirements, which can help make it a more commonly used vehicle. But with a price of 1.5 million dollars each, they should only make them if they really have to. Other countries like canada have designed vehicles similar to this but only larger.

8. SdKfz
Sdkfz basically stands for soderkraftfahzeug which is german for special purpose vehicle 234. After the treaty of Versailles, many things were banned but not wheeled armored vehicles, so that was why they started this design.. It was a fast moving destruction machine when it needed to be, being fit with a 2 inch cannon. It was also highly mobile and fitted with 8 wheel steering. Variants were made and trials of a new one started in july of 1942 and it was more capable of taking out enemy tanks with an increase in mobility as well. It could reach a top speed of 55 miles an hour and replaced with a 7.5 centimeter cannon in hopes of putting up a good final stand.

7. Vespa Tap
We know there are anti-tank vehicles out there but what about an anti tank scooter? This French bazooka scooter was produced in the 1950’s as a scooter that would be available to paratroopers once they landed. It was equipped with a M20 75mm recoiless rifle and basically modelled from a civilian scooter. The recoiless rifle was designed to penetrate at least one centimeter of armor. It had some light armor added to it, but it really didn’t seem to have too much protection. The scooters would have been parachuted in pairs and operated with a 2 man team. It ultimately seemed like the bare minimum to get by but the mobility of the scooter made it a pretty interesting concept. Also known as the bazooka vespa it only cost about 500 dollars to produce between the years of 1956 and 1959. An optional cart could be added to carry more fuel.

6. Virginia Class Submarines
The Virginia class of submarine is really in a class of its own and North Korea better really watch their back. It is expected to remain in service for at least the next 43 years which is plenty of time to usher in a new apocalypse. Each sub is crafted carefully and it requires an estimated 9 million labor hours for construction of a single Virginia Class Submarine. They are are supposed to be America’s most technologically advanced submarines to this date and they plan to build dozens more of these. You can probably guess that these aren’t cheap to construct, considering there’s a nuclear reactor and plenty of nukes on board! Several new features includes new sonar systems, accurate cruise missile firing systems, pump-jet propulsor and improved gear for to save the crew in case it sinks. Many have called it the Ferrari of submarines and only the best trained submariners will have the chance to ride in it. Cost per submarine.. $ 2.5 Billion

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