People You WON’T Believe Are Freemasons

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This group is shrouded in mystery and it’s believed their origins date back to the first crusades. Followers of this secret society will never discuss what happens behind closed doors and that normally wouldn’t be an issue if some of the members weren’t extremely powerful and wealthy. It’s difficult to ignore that over a dozen of our past presidents have been members of this group.
From our founding fathers, to the colonel himself!, here are people you won’t believe are freemasons

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6.Winston Churchill
The greatest British leader during the 2nd world war was winston churchill but he was initiated into the brotherhood well before that period of time in 1901. He first went to the Studholme Lodge no. 1591 which still exists to this day but now goes by the name of the United Studholme Alliance Lodge 1591. He never really progressed much through the order after being let in at a young age in his mid 20’s. He eventually resigned from his masonic lodge but kept his freemasonry membership. He would keep in contact with his brothers though and wrote them several letters in support of establishing a new lodge. While winston churchill wasn’t the most active of freemasons, it still shows you how leaders of the western world all seemed to be aligned with the organization in one way or another.

5.General MacArthur
General Douglas Macarthur was one of the more notable generals during the 20th century who served time in both global conflicts and even up until the cold war. He was the member of an important lodge at west point. His father was a freemason and he would go on to reach the highest attainable rank as a 33rd degree. He also became a member of the manilla lodge number 1936 and would achieve his status as a 33rd degree after the war in 1947. Due to his powerful status as a general, he’d also be able to join the Scottish Rite in 1937 and became a life member of the Nile Shrine Temple located in Seattle, Washington. Eventually, he’d be laid to rest in Norfolk Virginia at the MacArthur Memorial in 1964. Some of Macauthor’s power would be lost to another freemason named president Harry S Truman who ordered the atomic bomb blasts that ended the conflict in the pacific.

4.Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin, the 2nd man to walk on the moon was certainly not the only masonic astronaut to make it to space but he was one of the more notable masons to do so. Were the freemasons trying to claim the moon as their territory or something, or were they the ones who profit off of all of Nasa’s lies? Who knows. But one thing is clear, buzz was initiated as apart of the masons at Oak Park Lodge No. 864 in Montgomery Alabama on February 17, 1955. He then took on some roles at the Lawrence N. Greenleaf Lodge No. 169 in Denver, Colorado the next year. Eventually he would join the York Rite in Waco Texas. Some rumors actually state that he was given authority to open a representation of the grand lodge of Texas on the Moon and establish a lodge there, whatever that means.

3.John Elway
Many people have been to the Denver Airport and claim to see some bizarre new world order type symbols there. While colorado seems to be home to some notable lodges, one of their all time favorite athletes is a member of the south denver lodge where they go about rigging football games and coming up with new ways of controlling the sheeple! He played his entire 16 year career with the Denver Broncos. His initiation wouldn’t come until after his football career was over. He’s now the owner of the team he once played for, which as given him a lot of money and power as a result. Some still feel as though the horse itself has some meaning in secret societies. Some feel as though Katy Perry’s music video called dark horse is filled with masonic symbols. Watch for yourselves and let us know what you think.

2.Colonel Sanders
Many of you out there might be a fan of Colonel Sanders and his finger lickin good chicken. It turns out that he was not only a leader of chicken, but also a leader among freemasons. During his life, he was able to achieve a 33rd degree as a Scottish Rite mason. This businessman made a fortune from selling his quality product and remained as their spokesperson until he passed away. He was a member of the Hugh Harris Lodge in Corbin kentucky. He was the mentor to Dave Thomas of wendy’s who was also apart of the brotherhood.


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