President Trump's Legacy will be Defined by his Creation of the U.S. SPACE FORCE!

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On Dec. 20, 2019, President Donald J. Trump declared, in The National Defense Authorization Act for 2020, an independent branch of the U.S. Armed Forces called SPACE FORCE!

Officially the Sixth branch of the armed services, Trump's Space Force will no doubt go down in history books as one of, if not his greatest, accomplishment.

Now you can own a piece of history by claiming one of these LIMITED commemorative gold-colored SPACE FORCE coins...

This one-of-a-kind commemorative coin cannot be found in stores or anywhere else online as of today.

It features the iconic words "SPACE FORCE" on the front and the official seal on the back.

We have an initial allotment of 500 available to give away in this nationwide promotion. Once gone, this promotion may be over!

The fine folks at Patriot Powered Products have graciously agreed to cover the production cost of this fine gold colored coin. All they ask is you cover the modest price of S&H and they'll get it to you ASAP!

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Don't procrastinate! Grab this keepsake now to keep in your private collection or give it to your friends, family or other loved ones as a prized gift.

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