Rain Delay…

By Tam

There was a WX delay yesterday, so Independence Day noisemaking consisted of dodging raindrops while cranking off a couple hasty mags from a Glock 42. Despite being a Browning-designed cartridge, sixteen rounds of .380 just does not a July 4th event make, so we’re gonna be doing Independence Day II: Electric Boogaloo today.

Incidentally, I always wonder about the long faces and lost liberty moping going on in my circles on that day. I mean, I used to engage in it too but, as it was pointed out to me by a dear friend, most people use their blogs or Facebook pages or Twitter feeds to decry the encroachment of controls and the erosion of freedoms all year ’round. Can there not be one day where we celebrate what we’re fighting for instead of moping and railing at what we’re struggling against?

It’s hard to make joining you in the struggle look an attractive proposition if all you do is mope about with lemon-sucking expressions and whinge about Leviathan all the time. You gotta point out what your team is offering as an alternative. Freedom might be dangerous and not guarantee any happy outcomes, but dammit, it should at least be fun. It’s got dangerous firearms and more than the USRDA of high cholesterol bacon, after all.    

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