Scary Stories That Were TRUE

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We come across many different stories online nowadays that people might doubt or believe could be fake. Many urban legends also might spread which can leave a blurred line between fact and fiction. But when you realize that sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction, you might come across some real stories that send an even stronger chill down your spine. From plots from horror movies coming to life, to urban legends that weren’t just legends, here are scary stories that were true.

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6.Who Got the Meats?!
Imagine, you’re going to your local arby’s, you order yourself a big roast beef sandwich. As your getting ready to bite into it your mouth begins watering and then you get a bite of meat that you weren’t intending to eat. It’s a little bit chewier than usual and you spit it out! You discover that someone had cut off their finger and it was in sandwich! The woman had cut her finger clean off with a meat slicer and she didn’t alert anyone about it. The workers there claim it was a freak accident and was certainly not on purpose. Accident or not, the kid eating it must have been kind of traumatized by the whole event. It certainly was not finger licking good! Let us know in the comment section what the grossest thing you’ve ever found in your was and maybe we’ll feature you in an upcoming video

5.The Upside Down Room
While this isn’t creepy in the same sense as the last one, it pretty surprising that people were able to pull this off. Working as a housekeeper lady at hotels must be some tough work and i bet she was scared when she walked in here! An anonymous hotel worker reported online that a fairly popular band had been staying at the hotel. They had received noise complaints from anyone in any other rooms. She went up there to clean it when the band had finally left and her discovery was shocking! Everything that was on the floor was somehow nailed to the ceiling! Not a single piece of furniture remained where it was originally placed! How did they pull this off? The hotel worker was amused but certainly not the manager.

4.The Cursed Japanese Kleenex Commercial
The tissue company Kleenex made this commercial in the 1980’s. Many people found the music in the background of this ad to be extremely bizzare. Others noticed something much more horrifying. The woman sounded like she was chanting a German curse hymn in addition to the already strange ad. Not long after the making of this, a horrifying curse was put onto all those who had something to do with the production.The child you see here was dressed like an ogre suffering from nightmares and became severely ill. l.His mother went mentally insane and had to be emitted to a mental hospital. The woman in the tissue ad is still doing okay but is unable to have children. The cameraman who shot it, we’ll just say he went into a sauna and never came out.

3.Whale Oil on Satellites
Whale oil has been banned for quite some time now, but some claim there is enough evidence to believe that Nasa has been using it on the Hubble telescope. This was first mentioned a on History Channel documentary, and Nasa responded that this wasn’t true. However many claim that nasa isn’t being truthful once again. Whale oil is a lubricant that will not freeze under sub zero temperatures and would work perfectly on machinery in outer space. Unless a synthetic substitute was developed, it’s rather difficult to see how some of their machinery can operate in such conditions.

This Insane Asylum on Staten Island, New York was extremely overcrowded with people who had severe mental disorders. Anyone in New York at that time with a mental or physical mutation were locked up here. When a surprise documentary was displayed on national television, many people were appalled by the conditions. Atrocities occurred that you don’t want to know about which caused the facility to close its doors. But where did everyone go? Many say that once this happened, children in Staten Island were kidnapped by an insane man named who once lived here. This mysterious man, allegedly with a hook for an arm would then taken back to the abandoned Willowbrook. Rumors of ghosts or boogey men are still reported at this location.


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