STRANGE And Mysterious Aircraft!

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From planes shaped like brains, to vehicles designed to fly in space and in the sky, here are strange and mysterious aircraft.

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6.Bac TSR-2
15 Billion dollars back in the time of the Cold War was expensive then and certainly still expensive nowadays. The British wanted a reconnaissance aircraft that could also deliver a tactical strike if needed. They wanted to use jet technology that would be successful at accomplishing goals but it was all easier said than done. Undercarriage vibration problems took place in a few test flights and it was far from perfect. It even featured a thin film of gold on the cockpit canopy’s to protect the pilots eyes during nuclear flashes. As the americans were developing the F-111 project, it almost seemed like it was time for them to count their losses and move on. Many feel as though the British Ministry of defense was setting to high of standards on the TSR-2. Some feel as though it’s politics to blame for the cancellation of the project and not the plane itself. About 15 billion was spent and 3 were built before they threw in the towel.

5.Sukhoi Su-47
This supersonic experimental aircraft was designed by the soviets in the late 1990’s by the sukhoi aviation corporation. What’s obviously different about this craft than most you see in the air force are the forward-step wings. They’re positioned in the opposite angle which increases the angle of sweep. One problem with these design is that the wings needed to endure a lot of stress and much maintenance. Positives seemed quite beneficial however, increasing speed, shorter take offs and landing distances and better control. It was unbelievably agile during simulated dogfights but to many’s surprise. This one might have needed wings made from composite, and durable materials which was slightly out of the soviet union’s budget at the time. But with the collapse of the union, it was beginning to get a little bit too expensive

4.Boeing Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche
Meant to be produced as an armed reconnaissance and a ttack helicopter, the boeing Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche was going to give helicopters stealth technology… or so they thought. Two prototypes were constructed and test flying took place between 1996 and 2004. By the year 2000, 3.1 billion dollars worth of engineering and manufacturing had already been spent and heavy changes were needed already. It underwent heavy restructuring and some predicted the price would end up being 26.9 billion after all was said and done, leaving many with doubts. In 2004, the army announced that they would cancel all work on the RAH-66 and they felt that unmanned aerial vehicles were the best way to go.

3.Nasa X-38
Designed as an experiment crew return aircraft, these things were built to enter earth’s atmosphere at a high speed and land safely with the help of a parachute or parafoil. It would have been an extraordinary flight to witness if you were passanger of one of these things. The X38 would have been attached to the international space station and then sent hurling towards earth at incredible speeds. In the mid 1990’s Nasa had realized that astronauts needed a way to safely return back home to planet earth in case of an emergency like from sickness or if the ISS was hit by space debris. The landing gear consider of objects that were more sled like than wheels which would allow it to slide on the ground. Eventually the x-38 project was canceled due to funding issues even though it was 90 percent ready to be put into active use.

2.Edgley EA-7 Optica
This strange aircraft is a lightweight and low speed alternative to helicopters and is normally used for observation. The project for the Edgley EA-7 Optica began in 1974 when Edgely company came up with the strange prototype and eventually private investors bought into the idea. It almost looks as if the cockpit is similar to ones you’ll find on helicopters and the rest of it still just doesn’t look quite right. With only 22 of them being constructed, these haven’t really been mass produced or anything but they seem like they would be a fairly cheap way to get off the ground. It received a mixed review, with some critics calling it bug-eyed.

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