Strange Creatures That Could Survive The APOCALYPSE

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Animals have been on earth much longer than humans have and some of them have survived doomsday scenarios in the past. Many of these things we’re about to mention have made genetic adaptations to coexist with humans and scavenge off of our unused resources. Many animals that we’ve tried to exterminate have become resistant to our methods of getting rid of them and it looks like they could outlast us in the future. From stuff that can survive in hot lava, to things that can withstand the most radiation here are creatures that will survive the apocalypse

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While it’s not 100 percent certain, it seems as though scorpions are not harmed by ultraviolet radiation, in fact, it only makes them glow. It’s just UV rays they can survive, but nuclear radiation as well. With the skeleton on the outside of the body, these things are built tough too. We all know the possibilities of an apocalypse being ushered in by nuclear war. They are also known to survive a large range of different habitats and live on every continent on earth besides antarctica. Some scorpions can actually be brought back to life after being completely frozen in ice. This would allow them to survive what’s known as a nuclear winter, which is when a large amount of soot and smoke in the atmosphere usher in freezing weather. Scorpions have lived on earth more than 400 million years and have survived the apocalypse before.

4. A Tree Lobster
Never heard of a tree lobster before? That’s okay, they were believed to have been extinct for the past 80 years until one was found on this remote island between Australia and New Zealand. Due to the remoteness of the their habitat and the toughness of their exoskeleton, they appear to be good candidates for survival during the apocalypse. It’s jagged shape makes it impossible for humans to live, so that could be why it’s still alive. The giant rock island drops off at a near 90 degree angle making it possible for other creatures to live but somehow the tree lobster found a way to survive.The tree lobster is in fact a flightless insect about the size of a human hand. The scientist you see in the photo, decided to explore this area since some scientists claimed to have seen evidence like droppings, that might prove their existence. This has to make you wonder, what other animals could still be out there that we once thought were extinct.

Having any kind of shell on the exterior of your body will greatly increase your chances of surviving during the apocalypse. Shellfish like clams, mussels, oysters, shrimp, lobsters etc are extremely resilient creatures who will be around a lot longer than we will. Horseshoe crabs for example have been around for at least 450 million years and have survived 3 major extiction events throughout history. RAdioactive shellfish have been found to thrive in areas where nuclear waste has been leaked such as Runit Island. While this contaminates food supplies in humans, the shellfish seem to stay alive. In many cases, they can still survive more than 3 times the radiation that a German cockroach can. After the fukushima disaster, many were wondering if the sushi would be safe to eat and many groceries had to be checked for radiation. Should be less concerned about global warming and more concerned with nuclear waste leaking into our ocean? Let us know in the comment section

2.The Fruit Fly
Removal of flies is already difficult enough and even a nuclear apocalypse might not be enough to take them out completely. There’s really only one other insect out there that can survive as much radiation as a cockroach and that’s your typical fruit fly. In fact, in recent studies, it showed that female fruit flies might even be able to increase their lifespan by being exposed to doses of radiation. It takes about 64000 rads to kill a fruit fly which actually makes it much better than the cockroach. Since many flies are born in rotting or decaying flesh, the apocalypse should be the perfect environment for them to thrive in. The fruit flies lethal dose 64 times better than humans, making you wonder if there are some fly-headed aliens out there somewhere who are used to that exposure. In addition to that, flies also certainly have the ability to spread the zombie apocalypse some day in the future. They’ve already been known to be to spread things like typhoid fever and tsetse fly can spread the sleeping sickness in africa, which seems rather zombie like in sense.


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