STRANGEST Abandoned Mines!

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Abandoned mines are scattered throughout the earth’s surface and will make a lasting impact on the world as we know it. These pose dangers to our health whether some may get trapped in them or decide to swim in water found in the pit, everyone should be aware of the potential hazards. From the largest iron pit mine in the US, to dangerous uranium mines in western asia, here area abandoned mines

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5.Hull-Rust-Mahoning Iron Mine
The largest open pit iron mine in the united states is 1.5 miles wide by 3.5 miles long and can be as deep as 600 feet! This is located in the state of Minnesota and it’s believed that it producted as much as ¼ of all the iron ore used by the US for world war I and I. The mine was first established in 1892 and it started off as a deep underground mine but eventually it seemed to be a better choice to build an open pit since much of the ore was scattered. It almost looks like a man made version of the Grand Canyon as the iron turns a reddish brown as it’s exposed to oxygen. New cities were built to accommodate the workers coming here and the mine rapidly expanded as iron is used for steel to construct skyscrapers, weaponry, bridges, airports, stadiums etc. It’s believed that an estimated 690 million tons of iron were removed from this open pit mine when it was operational. Today it stands as a national historic site

This place is one of the most polluted and radioactive sites in the world. Located in Kyrgyzstan, it’s radiation is derived from the large amount of Uranium ore deposits. Mining operations from 1946 to 1968 left this place severely damaged. They managed to mine nearly 10,000 tons of uranium ore for the Soviet nuclear program. A landslide that took place in 1958 released 6000 cubic meters of material from this mine, leaving radioactive particles all over the place. There’s more than 20000 times the amount of normal radiation at this location. When the mining operations ended, it left many people without jobs. It’s believed that many settlers of this region, put themselves in danger and attempt to sell of the metal to scrap metal dealers.

Possibly the most remote and the most abandoned place in the world, would have to be the settlement of Pyramiden located on the Norwegian territory of Svalbard! If you take a look at Svalbard on the map, you tell it’s really not close to much of anythingThe soviet arctic ghost town was once prosperous due to large coal deposits in the area but now that the coal is gone since 1998, so are the people. The abandoned mines though are all over the place! However, Norway has been hoping to turn this into somewhat of a tourist attraction. Not being situated to far from the regional capital of Longyearbyen, it’s a quick hour ride by snowmobile or a few hours by dogsled. If you do decide to come here be sure to dress warm and try not to get too spooked out by all the abandoned things here!

2.Sutter’s Mill Gold Discovery
Just by finding a few flakes of gold at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains sparked one of the largest migrations in history and made California the country’s most populated state. In 1848, when James Marshall found some gold at Sutter’s mill and word got around there was gold in California quite quickly and in 1849 prospectors head west to stake their claim. Getting rich quick was on everyone’s mind. In 1848 the population of San Francisco was only 1,000 people but by 1850 it was a bustling city with over 20,000 people. Fortune seekers from all over the world like from China, Germany, Mexico, Ireland Turkey and of course the easter united states, moved to California during this period. California officially became a state in 1850, partially thanks to there being gold here. If this moment in history never happened, the western united states would most likely be much less developed and less rich. Now you know why california is called the “Golden State”.


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