The Most Terrifying Urban Legend Stories Told In History

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Urban legends have been a part of the very fabric that makes up our culture. Society has been built on the beliefs of urban legends and they can either make a culture or destroy it. Urban legends make our world a little more interesting as well as a bit more terrifying.

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Back to the Urban Legends, we’ve all had our share of nightmares thanks to them. Sitting around a campfire and telling scary stories was probably your favorite activity in the summer. The whole point of urban legends is to frighten us and to keep us awake at night, watching our bedroom doors waiting for the boogeyman to come. Oral tradition has made it so these urban legends have survived, with minor changes made depending on who’s telling the story. Thanks to the internet, urban legends have been growing and manifesting faster than ever because of its wide reach.

All of these legends come from somewhere, and they might be the best commentary on a country or culture that we can ever know. Before science came in and explained all the weird stuff that was happening in our lives, people would create stories to process things easier. As we have learned more about the world around us, amazingly enough, these urban legends have remained and they are still told to this day.

Some of these urban legends have even inspired television shows and movies, since sometimes the truth is much scarier than fiction. In this video, we’re going to explore some of the most terrifying urban legends. Some of them you might have heard, but others might be completely new. From a spectre that steals away the souls of young children to a skinless creature that plagues the neighborhood, you won’t want to leave the comforts of your home after the sun goes down!

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