TR Unexplained: The Story Of The Skinwalker Ranch

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Skinwalker Ranch is a 480 acre property in Utah. It has been the center of a great deal of conspiracy, especially surrounding sightings of unidentified creatures and flying crafts by the previous owners.

The past owners lived there for only a few years and the property went uninhabited for the better part of seven years. Then, in 1996 a group called NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science), funded by elusive billionaire Robert Bigelow, bought the property and began researching the supposed phenomena.

This year a documentary simply titled: ‘Skinwalker’ was released focusing on the property and the mysteries surrounding it. The documentary was in part produced by author George Knapp, who published a book on the ranch in 2016. George Knapp is likely the leading voice in the Skinwalker ranch controversy.

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