Worst States to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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When the zombie apocalypse is finally here, you’ll have to be aware of certain places that might not offer as much protection when it comes to surviving the end of days. Today we’ve got a list on you based on various factors such as elevation, access to hospitals, physical fitness, firearm ownership and so on. If the virus breaks out, these states could be in serious trouble and just
might not be ready. From flat states in the midwest, to places with dense population, here are the worst states to survive the zombe apocalypse.

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6. Rhode Island
This small state is about the same size as the national nevada security site but it has way less firepower to protect people. The population density in this state is pretty high which would result in the virus spreading quicker. To top it off, there aren’t a whole lot of mountains or firearms which would be useful for protection. Rhode island really isn’t an island at all and is vulnerable to getting invaded by survivors in other states such as massachusetts or new york city. There are only 3,300 active military troops ready to protect the state which definitely makes it suseptible to complete chaos!

5. Louisiana
With an obesity rate of 35 percent in this state, it’s not hard to imagine why running away from zombies might be difficult. It’s not just the popeye’s chicken here that’s got people acting like zombies either. This state has some of the most putrid swamps in the country which makes it close to impossible to survive for a long period of time. While some of the swamps might have food like crawdads or alligators to feast on, the state is as flat as a board. Good luck trying to get any vantage point in the Bayou and with all the mosquitos here, the virus should spread like wildfire. The state has the 4th worst healthcare in the country which shows how it’s just not ready to handle a widespread zombie outbreak.

4. Kansas
Another flat state makes our list, but luckily it’s close to the rocky mountains to the east. Landlocked smack dab in the middle of the country, this large and featureless state might drive many into pure insanity. There are very few places to hide from zombies unless your somehow able to find an abandoned missile silo which certainly won’t be easy. You will not only have to worry about zombies, but also tornados and freezing cold weather during winter. Imagine trying to go up against a zombie tornado. It might also be ground zero for an apocalyptic scenario if a bioweapons testing center gets hit by a storm.

3. New Jersey
New Jersey is ranked high for one of the worst places to survive the zombie apocalypse and here’s why! It’s one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Everyone knows already the New York City will be one of the hardest hit areas if the virus is able to spread there. New Yorkers will most likely try to escape and head into New Jersey via the Lincoln Tunnel, to hide out! Who knows if this tunnel isn’t already completely blocked off or not by the time you reach it.. With almost no mountains at all, there’s not going to be a whole of effective choices if you try to hide out in this state. The best way for New Yorkers to go, would be east into Long Island. And in some places like Camden, New Jersey, it looks like the apocalypse has already begun!

2. Connecticut
Connecticut is situated on the eastern coast of the united states and certainly has the good and bad things about living there. Here you got ivy league schools like yale, green pastures and beautiful beaches during summer time. The bad side: this state isn’t ready for the zombie apocalypse. Many people have already been choosing to move out of this state and the one’s still living here don’t seem to be too prepared. They rank low for gun ownership and the low elevation here makes finding a hiding spot a little bit tricky.You could probably pick a warmer climates to live the rest of your days. People have been moving from this small state at record rate but people still tend to move here primarily if they found a new job. In any case, you might be able to get inside one of the nuclear submarines found in new london or get to obama’s new house on the coast! People here are also kinda outta shape here which make it difficult to run from the hordes of zombies.


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