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Dinesh D’Souza Debuts His New Film Trailer At CPAC: What if George Washington Died In Battle?

By Infidel Alie Excerpted from HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Dinesh D’Souza, the filmmaker behind 2016: Obama’s America who is out on $500,000 bond for allegedly violating campaign finance laws, was at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington on Friday to unveil a new trailer for his upcoming release, America, a movie that imagines the United States […]

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The Greatest Mass Poisoner of Children in World History

By Theodore Dalrymple Yesterday I was on a flight on an airline that claimed to be deeply anxious to preserve the environment, though not quite anxious enough, obviously, to go out of business. This kind of self-righteous sanctimony, a commercial reflection in the mirror of political correctness, ever more prevalent, irritates me greatly, and would […]

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‘Fox Has Drifted Too Far To The Right’: Newsmax Announces Plan To Launch More Leftist Version Of Fox News

By Chuck Biscuits Newsmax chief Christopher Ruddy, left The head of Newsmax isn’t even a Republican, let alone a conservative. Excerpted from Mediaite: The founder of the conservative media company Newsmax is planning to launch a cable TV network to compete with Fox News, but not quite the same. Christopher Ruddy wants to launch Newsmax […]

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Ditch the Unhealthy Chemicals

By No Author The only downside of the welcome spring sunshine is that it cruelly exposes the slothful habits of winter: grimy work surfaces, dubious sticky patches inside food cupboards and hastily wiped hob tops. Time to fling open doors, windows and curtains and get out that jar of elbow grease for some spring cleaning. […]

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