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By David (admin)

If you really want to maximize your physical self defense skills there is some great information on this site that will help you do just that. But you’ve probably missed it. And if you have seen it, you probably didn’t realized how valuable it is.

For those of you that did realize how valuable it is, please take this opportunity to take another look at how well you’re integrating it into your training.

Of all the emails I get from readers and subscribers, almost none of them mention the most valuable and useful material I have: the Covered Blast, the Fundamental Five, and the 4 Step Matrix.

It doesn’t matter what martial art(s) you practice. These are strategies that anyone can apply, and if you apply them correctly you will win every time. I’ll write that again. These are strategies that anyone can apply, and if you apply them correctly you will win every time. Use them!!!

The Covered Blast

The Covered Blast is a strategy that maximizes your options while minimizing your opponent’s options. It allows you to continuously attack your opponent without taking damage yourself. It gives you a way to combine offense and defense, distance, position, and timing so that your opponent doesn’t have a chance. I won’t go into the strategic and technical details here since I already have a page with information, pictures, and examples, but check out my page on it:

The reason why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners were and generally still are able to slaughter Japanese Jiu Jitsu practitioners is because they use part of what exists in the Covered Blast – “position then submission”. The BJJ founders and practitioners realized that if you are in a superior position you can have your way with your opponent, Click to see the original article      

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