Fox News Exposed this HUGE Consumer Credit Card Scam Impacting Americans…

The good folks over at Fox News have exposed a HUGE consumer credit card scam impacting Americans and the news is NOT good if you use one of those chip enabled credit or debit cards.

You are likely in the crosshairs of criminals who can remotely swipe your credit card number using a cheap RFID scanning device they buy online for under $20.

Doing this allows them to STEAL your credit card numbers and other personal data without having to physically touch you, your wallet or purse!

Credit card companies don’t want you to know about this HUGE threat…

But there is a way to protect yourself.

There is a Free device you can carry in your wallet or purse that will STOP criminals in their tracks.

If you don’t have this in your wallet or purse, then in it’s not a matter of “if” you’ll be targeted but rather “when” you’ll become a victim!

Go here now to Claim this FREE device and start protecting yourself ASAP!

If you use credit or debit cards of any kind you need to carry this tiny device around (in your wallet or purse).

This includes Visa, Mastercard, Amex and other popular credit card issuers.

This threat also effects RFID enabled driver's licenses (including the new "real ID"), passports, military IDs and much more.

Don’t wait any longer for criminals to target you.

Go here now to learn how to protect yourself for good.

Thank you.

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