Is She the New Female Hitler of Our Era?

Do you recognize the woman in this picture?


I'm not referring to AOC. Look again. The woman on the right.

Some are calling her the new face of tyranny and evil.


Because recent investigations have revealed her actions could threaten the livelihood and well-being of every person in our nation. Actions that have been a decade in the making.

If this is news to you, it's likely because she has significant influence in the media. The story is getting overshadowed.

Her reach is vast, and her ambitions seem unending.

She's determined, unwavering.

Thankfully, a courageous reporter has taken on the task of bringing this to light.

And the revelations are staggering.

For the sake of your freedom, and to ensure the well-being of your loved ones in the uncertain times ahead...

Don't miss this shocking report.

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Keith Jacobs

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Preppers in America are about to get blindsided by President Biden! Sources say Biden will soon enact an old Obama-era executive order that allows the feds to… …Legally STEAL the food stockpiles of ordinary Americans to give to the masses! Why would they do this?

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Keith Jacobs

WARNING! You’ll Need a Gas Mask Soon….

If you don’t own a gas mask already, consider getting one.
Because according to this report, an event is about to take place across that could impact you and everyone you know.
This is something the mainstream media has been purposely ignoring.
They’re trying to keep us in the dark because they don’t want to incite widespread hysteria.
However, several sources, including the U.S. Congressional Advisory Board, have stated:
This is a nationwide Code Red-level event that could wipe out 9 out of every 10 people, while leaving the rest of the population in ruins.
What’s worse, senior scientist at , Dr. Michael Frankel predicts it could happen at any moment.
Certainly within the next 48 hours.
If you or your loved ones don’t own a gas mask, or the 4 essential items listed on this page, I suggest you watch this presentation, make a list of these items, then drive down to your local hardware store to pick them up.
Time is of the essence.
This event could unfold in 48 hours or less.

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Keith Jacobs

Liberal Gun Grabbers HATE this Free Hat!

Radical liberal gun control lobbies and politicians think they can easily take away our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms…I’ve got a message for them that I live by: COME AND TAKE IT! I don’t care what distorted truths and fake news they try to spread about gun ownership and our rights…the fact of the matter is the 2nd Amendment is there for a reason! To make sure gun grabbers know my stance on the matter, I proudly wear this COME AND TAKE IT black hat.

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Keith Jacobs

No Payment Required – We’ll Send You this Best Selling Flashlight for FREE Today…

This patriot magnet flashlight was specifically created for incredible versatility. With it’s extendable stem, flexible neck, & magnetic head and base it can pick up washers, screws, nuts or bolts when you need a third hand or are in a tight spot! We built this flashlight with military grade aluminum alloy, making them weather proof and shockproof. And it’s so stinkin’ bright that it’ll literally stop someone in their tracks when the beam is pointed directly in their eyes.This patriot magnet flashlight is perfect to carry anywhere you go. Its versatility enables you to leave other tools at home when you go hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

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Keith Jacobs

FREE Stun Gun – Illegal in Some States!

Wanted to let you know that we’re giving away 500 Free Stun Guns to Americans …So long as you live in a state that allows you to own them! Easy & Effective Self-Defense Tool That Takes Strength Out Of The Equation.. Wanted to let you know that we’re giving away 500 Free Stun Guns to Americans…So long as you live in a state that allows you to own them! Easy & Effective Self-Defense Tool That Takes Strength Out Of The Equation

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