Survival Food Companies Don't Want you to Know this Dirty Little Secret...

According to CBS News, there are roughly 15 million "active" preppers in America right now.

And the number one item that most of those individuals stockpile is survival food.

Hardcore survivalists will often invest in a year's worth of survival food for their family in case of a major catastrophe...

...Which can cost up to $12,000 for a family of four!

Most preppers think they will have peace of mind once they have a year's worth of food in reserves.

However, survival food companies don't want you to know about a dirty little secret that could make the stockpiling meaningless!

You see the U.S. government currently has no national food stockpile for a crisis.

You read that right. Zero... zilch...nada!

On the contrary, China has been feverishly stockpiling massive amounts of food in preparations for a major crisis.

And according to the US Department of Agriculture, China may soon hold closer to 70% of the available grain supply!

When this crisis breaks, our government's plans are to seize the survival food stockpiles of preppers across America to feed the starving masses.

Biden and other government insiders know that if there's a major food shortage in America...

...The 40 million Americans on food stamps could very well start rioting and looting to find food to feed their families.

This is the secret that those survival food companies don't want you to know - that your personal food stockpiles could quickly become part of the national food reserve once a crisis breaks!

The good news is there is a preparedness alternative to just stockpiling food that can get you ready for just about anything.

Follow this plan, and you'll be self-sufficient and completely immune from the government stealing your survival stockpiles.

Don't be one of the prepared that gets BLINDSIDED by survival food seizures! 

Learn the better way that many smart preppers are implementing to become self-sufficient in a way the government can't seize.

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