NEW Solar-Powered
"King of Coolers"
Never Needs Ice!

The New Solar Go-Fridge

No More Soggy Food!

This revolutionary fridge on wheels keeps your food and drinks ice cold...

But it NEVER needs ice!

It may look like an ordinary cooler, but you've never seen anything like this...

Instead of ice, it uses advanced technology to keep all your important food and drinks ice cold.

So you'll never have to stop for ice every couple of hours...

And you'll never have to dip your hands into soggy food or gross puddles of water.

And since you'll never need ice, you'll have all that precious cooler space available for MORE of your favorite food and drinks.

And it's super flexible.

This revolutionary Solar Go-Fridge is not JUST a cooler – it's a refrigerator, freezer, and deep freezer all in one!

It can work as a fridge for hot dogs and drinks, or as a freezer for ice cream, popsicles and frozen meats...

And it can even go down to subzero temperatures!

The Solar Go-Fridge
Charges For FREE With
The Power of the Sun!

Unlike other run-of-the-mill coolers, your Solar Go-Fridge...

Charges for FREE in the Sun!

Yes, you can recharge your Solar Go-Fridge using the FREE power of the sun. After all, we couldn’t call it a "Solar" Go-Fridge if it wasn't solar powered...

And that's why...

You get a FREE 40-Watt Solar Panel with your Solar Go-Fridge.

Solar Panels

You can use your solar panel to power your Solar Go-Fridge on the go...

So you can take it to campsites, sporting events, RV trips, tailgates, backyard BBQs, pool parties and so much more...

Or use it to power your critical devices.

It's like a mini power cell in its own right. It works with phones, tablets and your other critical electronic devices.

Plus, if a tree falls on some power lines and cuts the power to your neighborhood, you don't have to worry about the food in your fridge spoiling.

Look What You Can Fit
In Your Solar Go-Fridge

Your Solar Go-Fridge can take any kind of frozen supplies with you.

And when we say any kind of supplies, we mean it. It has a small footprint, but has spacious capacity.

You get 42 quarts of space for your critical items – that's like 46 cans or bottles of water. And no bulky ice bags!

Look What You Can Fit

Its compact size and all-terrain wheels make it easy to throw in the trunk. Or to bring with you to tailgates.

It's truly small, but mighty.

Drinks, hot dogs, medicine and more. It can all fit in your Solar Go-Fridge.

[Limited Time] Get
Exclusive Introductory
Pricing, Plus 11 Bonus
Gifts Worth $388 And
FREE Shipping!

Order now to take advantage of our special introductory pricing, 11 free bonus gifts worth $388, and free shipping.

Your exclusive 11 FREE Bonus Gifts package includes:

  • FREE 40-Watt Solar Panel
  • FREE 72-Hour Survival Food Kit
  • FREE Survival Coffee
  • FREE Survival Cocoa
  • FREE StarFire Camp Stove
  • FREE Freedom Flame
  • FREE Multi-Use Flashlight
  • FREE Solar Power Digital Report
  • FREE $25 Certificate
  • FREE Shipping & Handling
  • FREE VIP Phone Line

Plus there's an easy payment plan available with no credit check...

Order Now To Lock In Your
Low Pricing, FREE Bonus
Gifts and FREE Shipping!

Bonus Gifts

But Hurry... Last Time
The Solar Go-Fridge
SOLD OUT In 24 Hours

There is one catch:

We can't reserve any Solar Go-Fridges or give out any IOUs.

You'll need to ACT FAST...

Because the last version of the Solar Go-Fridge sold out in 24 hours after only a couple of text messages...

And that version couldn't do half the things this NEW model can.

So when people find out about this space-age ice chest, there could be a mad rush.

So don't wait...

If you miss out on this special Introductory Pricing, there's nothing we can do.

There's only one way to guarantee your Introductory Pricing, FREE gifts and FREE shipping...

And that's by clicking the link below to grab your Solar Go-Fridge while they're in stock and ready to ship:

Order Now To Lock In Your
Low Pricing, FREE Bonus
Gifts and FREE Shipping!

So make sure to grab yours now.

I know you'll love it!

Stay safe and have fun out there,

Frank Bates
Patriot Headquarters

P.S. Thanks to your support, we're able to provide support to important charities that help American veterans and their families. Charities like Fisher House, A Soldier's Child Foundation, Team Rubicon and Operation Homefront.

Customers Are
Raving About Their
Solar Go-Fridge

Kristen G. 5 Stars
"It was super fun to use. We were gone for four nights, and didn't have to get ice at all. Not having to deal with ice the whole time was amazing. I was worried that it wasn't big enough. But it held absolutely everything I was planning to take because I didn't have to put any ice in there. It didn't have to be as big as my regular cooler."

Randy M. 5 Stars
"You cannot beat it. It is awesome. No running around, looking for drinks. No more opening up your drink and setting it on the tractor and coming back 20 minutes later and it's warm. Everything's cold. Everything's cold all the time. Just a wonderful, wonderful unit. I am a Type 1 diabetic. It's been keeping my insulin cold to the point where I don't worry about my insulin. I know it's good."

Damon H. 5 Stars
"We all have lots of coolers. But this is a cooler extraordinaire. Not only is it a cooler, it's a fully-functioning refrigerator. It's great for me being a fisherman and an outdoor guy. I can put a bunch of fish in here and set it at freezing temperatures. And when I get home, my fish will stay frozen and I don't need any ice. It's a great tool. It's absolutely a must for campers and fisherman. It looks like a cooler, but it's actually a refrigerator which makes it a really special thing."

Lisa W. 5 Stars
"You don't have to stop and get ice anymore. That was one thing I hated to do early in the morning when we had to leave to go out of town to play in a baseball tournament. We had to leave at 5 or 6 or sometimes 4:30 in the morning and had to stop to get ice for our cooler. So this is nice because you just have to set it on refrigerator mode and you get your cold drinks or whatever you put in your cooler. People are already taking pictures with it, trying to find out more information so they could get their own."

Lou H. 5 Stars
"Please get one or two of them like I did. They will come in handy next time you have a power failure or going on a trip. I use mine whenever we travel or recently when we had a power failure a few weeks ago. You won't be sorry."

Order Now To Lock In Your
Low Pricing, FREE Bonus
Gifts and FREE Shipping!

Solar Go-Fridge Never Needs Ice

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